Workout, Recovery & Gains

Working out is a funny thing, and I workout for a variety of reasons. But the biggest one is truthfully to keep me sane.

A very long time ago, workouts were a chore, something I had to do and must suffer through. Now, workouts are my everything. They are my stress release, my go-to and my me time.

Working out post baby.. well that’s a whole other ballgame.


You see, in order to have effective workouts, your life outside of the weight room must be on par. To make significant gains you need to place your focus on your nutrition, sleep and stress levels.

Believe it or not, working out is the easy part. It is just the stimulus for development. Everything outside the weight room is where the real magic happens.

Having always made the three pillars (sleep, stress, food) a focus I am now being challenged. With a newborn my sleep sucks ass. I am up at all times during the night and when I get sleep it’s sporadic at best.

And there’s not a whole lot I can do about it. Trust me, I have tried many a time at three am to ask Zoey to go back to bed ๐Ÿ˜› No such luck.

why sleep.. the nighttime world is so interesting!

why sleep.. the nighttime world is so interesting!

So come morning, take this morning for example, I am tired, whiny and lacking on all energy fronts. Not exactly primed for a workout.

But I did it anyways

Note: This is a two part piece of advice: I believe in pushing through a workout but I also believe you should listen to your body. Had my muscles been extremely sore or if I didn’t think I could push through- I wouldn’t have.


Since I have jumped back into the swing of things, I have not missed one workout. Though sleep deprived and often cranky I have rocked my “me time”. Why? Because those workouts keep me sane.

Don’t get me wrong, they sometimes take some ramping up on my part- but I’m always glad to be in the studio.

Lifting heavy keeps me sane

Lifting heavy keeps me sane

Due to my diligence, I have managed to put 10lbs on my bench press, 25 lbs on my hip thrust and 5lbs on my front squat- not too shabby for a sleep deprived momma. I have yet to test my back squat and deadlift.

So I’m pretty damn proud.

Whether or not you workout for strength, appearance or sanity results take work. Consistent work. It also means that you cannot overlook what happens outside the gym.

It’s easy to skip a workout based on fatigue or being too busy (seriously I have a newborn who thinks that every moment she is not screaming is a moment wasted) but sticking with your plan is what produces results.

Day after day, week after week.

There’s no easy way to make fitness your lifestyle. There are many mornings I wake up not wanting to workout. So why do I push through? Because that’s what I do. Fitness is my lifestyle not just a goal I have.

So suck it up and rock your studio time.

Need a little help? Check out my online options for some individual aid, or if you’re local come see me.

Enjoy the active time ๐Ÿ™‚