Working Through An Injury

What pole dancer does not have/has not had an injury? I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to find one.

I myself have had a couple injuries through the years (a torn medial deltoid, strained ankle etc) but I am currently sporting a wrist injury.


As one of the more common injuries, the wrist provides a few pole setbacks. Originally, I was hoping that it was an acute strain and nothing that would last more than 3-5 days of inflammation.. though I was not as lucky.

Essentially, I have managed to jam all the carpals (finger bones!) in my wrist which has resulted in severe tissue damage extending to my elbow – fun eh?

strength wraps


So what does this mean? Well a few things. It first means that I’ve invested in some lifting wraps. Strength Wraps are absolutely amazing and have made teaching so much better for me.It means that every couple of weeks I’ll be making a trip to my RMT for some wrist work and release – sigh. And it means I need to listen to my body.


I have always been a firm believer that most injuries you can work around (most not all!). Have a bum knee, go for upper body. Issues with your shoulder, rock out some squats etc. With pole dancing, this becomes a bit more complicated. When I injured my shoulder I didn’t stop pole dancing. I did learn to do a lot of spins on the other side. I stopped inverting, but I was still able to do a bit of a practice and I was proud of that.

This injury will be no different.

I can still pole, it is simply that some moves have become a no-go zone for me- cartwheel mounts for example bring tears to my eyes but twisted grip handsprings are fine. The trick is simply listening to my body. When my wrist needs rest, it needs rest. If something feels really uncomfortable, than it’s probably not going to aid recovery.


Injuries are about slowing down and knowing your limits but not allowing them to defeat you. There will always be an excuse not to workout/pole- it’s the easy way out. But pushing yourself, challenging yourself and being creative is what brings results.

So fight for your results. Something is always better than nothing.