Why I’ve Changed My Goals

For the last ten years I’ve had one goal: be hot. Seriously, that’s it. It’s terribly shallow but that’s all I really wanted. I spend a lot of my day in a sports bra and shorts and I just wanted to always feel cocky stripping down.

Of course there’s been a few other goals along the way but I’ve never truly worked towards them. I’d play around with them a bit but not seriously.

Because of my wonderfully shallow goal, I, like most females, have done some really stupid things on my quest for “the ideal body”.

Seriously, really stupid.

stupid idea

For the first few years I’m pretty sure I tried every dumb diet gimmick out there: low calorie, juice fasts, low carbohydrate, water loading and depletion.. you name it and I’ve probably played around with it.

On the positive side, this has left me with a lot of experience as to how these gimmicks work/make you feel and what you can expect.

Needless to say, I was pretty cranky following all of them.

Not to mention my body hated me. Seriously, at my absolute leanest- an unhealthy 13% body fat- my lower abs still were not “popping” as much as I wanted them to. My body likes to hold onto whatever it can on my midsection. And trust me, getting down to 13% was no fun journey.

Promo Pic

Was it worth it? Hell no.

It took me a few years to eventually learn that my body likes to eat (a few years, multiple certifications and much reading!). So anything too low went out the window.

After those years, I experimented a lot with my workouts. Crazy high volume, lots of metabolic type workouts, gaspy, breathless and sweaty workouts. And I learned something:

I hate interval workouts. They make me mad.

Nonetheless, I can’t deny that I had a pretty rocking body (I’m shallow and cocky- wonderful :P).

Once I got pregnant, much of this flew out the window as well. Low calorie and high volume anything wasn’t really practical. I continued to workout but took the intensity down. I focused a lot on correction.

After I had Zoey, I thought once again about my quest for hotness! And then I realized that I just didn’t care.

who cares

Not that I didn’t want to drop my baby weight- of course I did. But seeing as I walked out of the delivery room a mere 11lbs heavier I wasn’t too concerned.

Instead, I asked myself what I wanted from my workouts and overall my days. And I came up with a few things:

  • I enjoy lifting weights. Heavy ones. So instead of looking hot I decided to (long overdue!) set some performance goals
  • I love food, and after many years I truly enjoy healthy foods. So I also wanted to be able to eat when hungry, enjoy social gatherings and not get too hung up on “striving for a six pack” (especially since I knew it wouldn’t come too easily!)
  • I wanted to be able to play, jump and run with Zoey (when she’s able to of course!)

Looking at these goals, none of them screamed that I really had to do anything drastic. I went from wanting to be “uber hot” to wanting to be healthy and enjoy whatever comes my way.

Since this revelation I have implemented a serious training regime to kick ass on those performance goals. And it’s working- below is a video of me rocking a 150lbs deadlift 13 weeks post pregnancy.

I still prep all my food (old habits and what not) and enjoy healthy meals. But this past weekend I also enjoyed a lot of ice cream. I don’t focus on calories, my macro breakdown or any strict adherence to a plan. I eat when I’m hungry and keep it to real food.

I joined a kickboxing class- something I’ve wanted to do forever but never had time for because it didn’t fit in with my hotness schedule of lifting ๐Ÿ˜› And I love it.

And guess what? Not only am I a bit more content (any low calorie restriction really does piss you off!) but I look pretty damn good (I did not lose my cocky nature in this quest). I may not be as “lean” as I once was but I’m still as confident. I can perform better both in the gym and on the pole and I am genuinely happier- despite the chronic lack of sleep for the past thirteen weeks ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pole shorts AND a duck face? 13 weeks post pregnancy

Pole shorts AND a duck face? 13 weeks post pregnancy

By changing my goals I changed my perspective and my mind. I’ve come to learn that occasionally we attach too much expectation in the form of our bodies and not enough dedicated to our minds, our sanity and what we truly want in life: to be healthy, confident and enjoy every second.

So instead of looking at your goals from a number perspective, try asking yourself what you really want in life, in the big picture… and how you’re going to get it.

And, as always, if you need help you know how to contact me.

Happy Goal Setting ๐Ÿ™‚