Why All Polers Need To Master Leg Hangs

LEG HANGS LEG HANGS LEG HANGS!!! I wish I could scream to the universe the importance of learning them! But I guess I’ll settle for this blog. Leg hangs are sacred in pole dancing. They are crucial. They are be all end all to every trick. I cannot express their importance enough.

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You need to master your leg hangs (gemini & scorpio). Both of them. On both sides. Period. And they need to be perfect.

I know what you’re thinking “here’s another old time poler harping on me because my legs hangs aren’t good enough for her (insert eye roll)”. And yes, I guess that statement is true. I’ve been pole dancing the better part of a goddamn decade now and I WISH someone had punched me in the face with the importance of leg hangs!

So what’s all the hype about? Why do polers need them? Because without leg hangs you cannot transition in or OUT of a move. Let me make this clear.. if you don’t make your leg hangs your go-to move, the one you can do in your sleep, you will eventually fall. Leg hangs are your safety net. They are the move that catches you when all else goes to hell.

In the pole world today everyone is jumping from trick to trick regardless of proper progressions or learning at your level. This means that never before have polers been more prone to injury or prone t falling. And since the tricks of the pole world are becoming more and more advanced, learning to dismount safely out of them is crucial. And I promise you, it’s most likely with some sort of leg hang!

Whether you are falling or coming out controlled you’ll mostly hook one of your knees in order to get back to your “comfort” zone. You need them. Leg hangs are almost a transition on their own and not even completely tricks. They take you in and out of moves fluidly while putting your body in a secure position.

Polers need to understand not just how to perform them but how to absolutely rock them. In the outside leg hang (gemini) the pole should literally be in your knee pit. Not counter balanced between your thigh an your calf. In your knee pit. Your hand shouldn’t be in the way. It should be secure as hell. Same goes for the inside leg hang (scorpio). While it may look pretty to hook your hip and your ankle, when you’re first learning master hooking the pole as close to your knee as possible. It’s more secure. Does it hurt like a bitch? Yes. But it’s safe.

Leg hangs are crucial to advance as a poler. From a safety perspective but also to create graceful routines and elegant lines.

Learn them. Master them. Perfect them. And for god sakes make it so you don’t even have to think to get into them. It will save your dancing. I promise.

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