What It Means To Be A Coach

The term “coach” can mean a lot of different things. A motivator, a teacher, a listener, a leader, an overall kick ass person.

I do a lot of coaching. I help people learn how to make good nutrition choices. I motivate and teach clients how to achieve their goals- both in and out of the weight room. I listen to stories detailing the cause of the goal in the first place. And most of all, I do everything I can to help people become who they want to be.


Sounds pretty nun-worthy no?

But being a coach- especially in a field of occasional vanity :P- has it’s downsides.

There are days when listening translates to therapist, teaching comes out from gritted teeth and motivating seems impossible.

And those days suck.


In a world of self obsession, sometimes being the “coach” puts you on the wrong end. Sometimes the program doesn’t provide results, the task you set is impossible and things need to change now.

Sometimes you repeat yourself a thousand times. Sometimes you teach for one hour and receive eleven different client emails.

Sometimes, you can’t separate your life from your clients lives and you absorb their stresses into yours.

Sometimes, coaching sucks.

And sometimes it kicks ass.


The days your clients achieves a “never thought possible” pole move. Or survives the night without binging.

The weeks leading up to a competition and having your client place first.

The days a major goal is achieved and your client cries in happiness.

Those days rock. Those are the days that make the bad days worthwhile.

There are always going to be “hard days”. Days when clients have bad days and personalities don’t complement each other. But those days are few and far between compared to the other days. The ones you when you feel on top of the world, because what you do genuinely helps others.


So being a coach may mean a lot of different things, but being supportive, adaptable and positive are amongst the top three- and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Coaching ๐Ÿ™‚