What Exercise Has Done For My Sanity

Like every other female ( I like to think anyways!), in my younger years I was occasionally prone to teeny tiny freak outs… Alright, maybe full on melt downs. Sometimes these were alcohol induced but more frequently, and more bluntly, I simply took bad news.. well badly.

Even small amounts of bad news. Actually, I just handled stressful situations poorly.

Freak Out

And while I can say this now, at the time I’m pretty sure I would have put my fist into your mouth at having suggested something similar.

When did this all change? What was my big revelation? How long did it take?

The truth?

I don’t know.

It’s not something I actively paid attention to nor was it ever really a goal of mine. But somewhere, within the last couple of years my outlook on life and my response techniques have improved.

Having recently experienced some very stressful, life altering and depressing situations this change has come to life.



There is no “perfect way” to process bad news. In fact, everyone has their vice. And the saying “you’ve got to remain positive” seems utter bullshit when placed into difficult positions.



Previously, my responses were mostly screaming, some tears, some alcohol and an all out raging. But at some point this changed.

In the last few weeks I have chosen to remain optimistic To embrace sadness but to take comfort in any positives that can be found- no matter how small. I have chosen to use mind numbing techniques like lifting instead of drinking and simply finding happiness in small activities (like dog walks on a sunny day).

And the best part was that all of this was done automatically. It wasn’t a choice. I simply did what needed to be done and went along with it.

Has it been easy? Nope

Have I been upset? Of course.

But all of it has been manageable. And more importantly, one situation has not lead to another- you know how it is, screaming at the deliverer of bad news due to a situation beyond their control. Where would that have gotten me?

I’m not sure when I changed or even started the process. But I do know that it is my ongoing habits that have saved my sanity. Instead of spending so much time and effort within my own mind in meltdown mode, I finally understand that life moves on.. and I might as well move along with it.

shit happens

My habits have kept me level headed, productive and able to tackle even the worst of situations… and nobody can ask for more than that.

And while I realize that changing your habits, mentality and general outlook isn’t easy- no change is- it is definitely worth it.