Weekend Whirlwind

So this weekend has been a whirlwind of activity for me! There were meetings and videos and baseball games and campfires and it’s only now Sunday morning!!!

So the reason I’m writing this particular blog is for my client Jon. Who is constantly asking me to take pictures of the special foods I make and post them. In all fairness, he has to listen to me rant at least once per week (if I don’t harass him via email too) about all the wonderful new things I tried. So this week, I thought I’d actually follow through.

You see, throughout the week, every time I’m craving something or stumble across a new recipe I want to try, I make a note of it. It either get’s worked into next weeks meal plan (like the blueberry crepes I’m making on Monday) or it get’s saved for a weekend treat.

By the time Friday rolled around this week, my body was sore but it was so nice and lovely outside that I thought I’d make some yummy treats. This is happening more and more Friday. Apparently Friday’s have become my “trial and error” days.

Almond Milk2

This particular Friday I started off with homemade almond milk. This is something I have wanted to make FOREVER but haven’t tried. Oh my lord is it good! I added cinnamon and vanilla to mine and it was downright magical. I ended up eating it with homemade granola from the weekend before and it was overwhelming. MAKE SOME


The next treat were strawberries stuffed with vegan cheesecake. These were awesome because it’s really just strawberries, cashews and flax so my “treat” is still healthy!

Strawberry Stuffed Cheesecake Prep

They took a bit more prep time (chilling and whatnot) but were so yummy! I even convinced my fiance to try one! Couldn’t tell him what it was but he definitely ate it!! They are something I plan on making again for a family dinner because they’re super simple but delicious!

Strawberry Stuffed Cheesecake

Saturday we were out and about at a baseball game and campfire so I made sure to pack some snacks!!! Veggies and a green shake sounded just about right for being out in the sun all day so I can’t complain.

Day Out PrepSide rant here: for those of you who wonder why I get angry when people eat crap because “they were out with friends” or “helping others move” this is why. It is not impossible to eat clean and still have. You just have to use that god given brain of yours and do a little planning. For those of you who are consistently caught off guard, have veggies and fruits cut up and packaged in the fridge all week long with a few hard boiled eggs. This way you can grab and go. Healthy eating isn’t a “chore” it’s a commitment to giving your body proper fuel to do it’s job. If that is not something you can do, than stop complaining and making excuses simply accept it.


Finally, Sunday morning rolled around and I wanted pancakes. Not just any old pancakes (I make protein pancakes quite frequently) but peanut butter banana pancakes that I’ve been craving all week. So I set to work. I changed the recipe around a little bit and used buckwheat flour with some almond meal. I also added egg whites.

Banana PB Pancake Prep

Banana PB Pancake


The pancake turned out nice and fluffy, but it was the topping that was to die for. Fried bananas (heat some coconut oil and throw in bananas till brown) and melted peanut butter sauce. All topped with some maple syrup (I had an egg on the side for protein).


I didn’t really go for presentation here, just wanted you to see the goey goodness. It was super yummy.

Banana PB Pancake Finished

So that concludes my food weekend so far. But seeing as it’s only Sunday morning there’s still room for more ๐Ÿ˜‰