Weekend Trials- A Foodie Blog

With all the hecticness, it’s been some time since I was able to post a food blog about all the wonderful things I got to make ina  weekend. I know a few of you clients are foodies as well so here’s one to get back on the wagon.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to blow everyone off and have some time to do all the things I love doing. After a few weeks (okay months) of sheer insanity I love having the house to myself!! Jackie is away for the whole weekend and I am okay with that.

Call me a dork (alright, we know I’m a dork) but I was so excited to be able to bake, organize and clean this weekend!

Since I was in diet mode pre-wedding I didn’t want to try new meals too much to sacrifice results. Not that my meals are un healthy, just not part of my goals. So Friday night I set to work on some catch up!

While I still have some protein muffins in the freezer I was out of bars so that was step number one. No Bake protein bars. I love them because they’re super simple, they take a bit of time to eat (sticky!) and they curb cravings.

No Bake Bars

Next I made a recipe I have been dying to try!!! Super Chia Bread. It sounds odd and I wasn’t sold on it entirely but god is it good! I cut mine up into “cracker size” pieces. Because of its ingredients, the “bread” is really dense and squishy. It smelt amazing coming out of the oven. I immediately cut a piece and topped it with good, old fashion peanut butter and jam 🙂

Chia Bread

Third on the dock was some trial mix! One of my favorites to be exact (Maple Citrus). I adore having trail mix in the house. It seems like such an indulgence but because it’s homemade, I know exactly what’s in it. A bowl topped with a bit of coconut and almond milk is simply amazing.

Trail Mix

Lastly, I needed some dinner! Thankfully, I already had some glazed walnut lentil meatloaf in the freezer (courtesy of ohsheglows.com) but I decided to whip up a batch of grilled corn and edamame salad to go with it… it turned out beautiful!


No Friday night dinner would be complete without some dessert! Enter candied popcorn, I was so excited!!

First off, I suck at air popping popcorn but that’s alright (half my kernels never pop). The popcorn is topped with mixed nuts of choice (for me it was almonds and pecans) and then drizzled with a combo of honey, almond and peanut butter. Through it in the fridge to harden and it becomes such an indulgent dessert!

Candied opcorn

So after/ during all this lovely cooking I also had to pleasure to finally go through our wedding presents!! I love purging the house and putting out new things. I’ve been waiting to do it for a while and boy was it a task! It took 7 hours of work on Saturday! But my kitchen and upstairs closets are sharply organized and I managed to get rid of twelve (that’s right TWELVE) boxes of stuff!!

Then- because I still had the house to myself!!- I settled down for the night with a couple of movies, a new yummy, tomato watermelon salad and attempted to write thank you cards with the help of my cat.


Many of you probably think I’m insane (and I already knew I was) but I’d call it an awesome start to the weekend. Now today it’s simply cleaning up the mess I made yesterday, getting some food prep done and a bit of shopping.