Wedding Shenanigans

Well it’s official: I’m MARRIED.

The wedding has come and gone as with our honeymoon.. and both were phenominal.

Our wedding day set up was picture perfect with stunning sunshine and the waves on the beach just starting to white cap as I walked down to the alter.


Our honeymoon was a mixture of relaxation, indulgence and quality time after many months on planning. While Jackie and I have very different lifestyles we did manage to find some balance in activities.

After some much needed rest for my body I returned to the gym (with my husband!!) on Wednesday for some lifting.. god it felt good. The next day I did something I have not done in over 12 years.. I ran.

There was something so desirable about getting up early and running along the beach while the suns makes its way through the clouds. I loved it. I also loved the ability to dive into the ocean and cool off after!


But what I found most interesting about our honeymoon is really what I learned about myself. For the last few months I was actively “dieting” to achieve a goal. There were restrictions, compromises and snarky moods.

But the thing is, while I took it a bit more extreme than normal before the wedding, clean eating and “heath” really is my lifestyle.

On my honeymoon I managed to sneak in six workouts. Why? Because I wanted to. Because my body was rested and I love the feeling of my muscles warming up to a low burn. I also managed to get in six servings of vegetables a day and more protein than I even eat at home.



Because that’s what I enjoy eating. Chicken, eggs, beef, cucumbers, peppers, and fruits all taste delicious to me. And the resort had so many options for me it was amazing.

But the big question.

Did I indulge?



I ate dessert when I pleased. I drank when I wanted to. And I didn’t feel bad about it at all.

But I did notice some changes… was I at the bar at 8:30am every morning? No. Why? Because that kind of vacation is simply not enjoyable to me. I truly enjoyed my mornings, being active, eating fresh foods and driving up my energy levels.

Clean eating and an activity do not have to be tormenting. They are a lifestyle for me. They are things I enjoy and things I love. The only thing I missed was my pole – although I did manage to squeeze in a few tricks one night!!


Overall, I have had an amazing couple of weeks. Ones I would not trade for anything. I cannot express how grateful I am to my friends, family, clients and new husband for everything in my life ๐Ÿ™‚