My personally philosophy is centered around working together and providing you with the best possible avenue to help you crush your nemesis.

-Shelby Stover, CSCS & Certified Vertical Dance Advanced Instructor

Master Your Nemesis Trick Now

Every pole dancer is different and thus not every move comes easily.

Jenna Jenna

"Shelby has worked with me to accomplish moves that I never even thought I was capable of".

Megan Megan

"Due to two kidney transplants and a bar in my back there are many moves I never thought I'd be able to do... though I wished for them. After working with Shelby not only was I consistently able to hit my nemesis moves but she even gave me more variations to work towards!"

Over the past few years I've had the ability to work with clients of all shapes, sizes and levels.From stay at home moms to fitness freaks and from polers who loved to showcase to those who only wanted to nail a trick so they could say they "did it".


Regardless of who they were, each and every one of them had something in common: they were committed to improving.



Everyone has that trick, you know, the one you've been working on forever but just can't seem to nail? The one you're so close to but you still can't crush it? I've been there.. many times.

I personally believe that with hard work and the right guidance you can crush just about any trick.

Unfortunately, what is right for one person will not always work for another and thus many polers waste time on deadend paths.

I work with my clients to provide the best possible avenue; be it technique tweaks, extra exercises or simply some additional specific practice to help you crush your nemesis trick.

So stop guessing and let me plan for you, no matter your level, I can help.

How To Crush Your Nemesis Trick

  • 1

    Submit Your Video

    Take a video of yourself attempting the move you're struggling with. Make sure the video is done in good lighting and provides an unobstructed line of sight. If necessary, take multiple videos at different angles. Send it my way.

  • 2

    Keep An Eye On Your Email

    After you submit your video(s) keep an eye on your email because I'll be getting back to you within the next few days. In the initial email I'll confirm the move in question you're trying to learn and get to know more about your efforts- be prepared to answer some questions!

  • 3

    Get Ready To Work

    After I know more about what you've attempted I'll provide you with the best avenue to achieve your trick. This could include: tutorials to watch, technique or placement alterations, variations, exercises to include into your training and more. Much of it will depend on where you are and what needs to be done.

  • 4

    Check In

    After two weeks of implementing my suggestions we'll touch base once again regarding the move. If you nailed it- congrats! If you're not quite there I'll have you submit one more video to confirm you're on the right track and provide you with further instructions.

  • 5

    Be Patient

    Nailing a nemesis trick often takes time and effort so be prepared to work hard and have a little patience. If you put in the work, you'll get the result.. but nothing comes easy 😉

"I came to Shelby frustrated, angry and burnt out trying to master my Cross Knee Release. After emailing back and forth with Shelby and implementing her suggestions I finally nailed the move.. after literally months of trying. And now, it's one of my favorites!"


"It sounds silly but I couldn't sit on the pole when I contacted Shelby. I am a larger women and though I had the strength I just couldn't seem to get it. I was devastated that I was unable to land such a simple trick. Shelby was extremely patient and worked with me over a few weeks tweaking and tweaking and making all sorts of adjustments. Four weeks later I nailed it!"


Crushing Your Nemesis

Scouts Honor

The truth is, not every trick is meant for every body type.. and that's alright!

Since I don't believe in mindlessly taking your money, if I review your trick and I don't think it is right for you, or if attempting it will be dangerous in any way, I will fully refund your money.

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