Training & Pregnancy- Finishing Off

Well I`m here- entering the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Seriously, whoever started the rumor that pregnancy is nine months long needs a swift kick to the testicles. Pregnancy is 40 weeks = 10 months = ridiculousness.

So here I am, 36 weeks in and I just changed my training programs for the last time.

36 weeks

Each term (hell each month!) of training has had a bit of a different focus. Obviously the intensity of my workouts has been scaled back but unlike common belief there`s still a lot I can still do!

For the last two months my training split has included: 5 days of weight lifting, 1 pole practice (mainly spins & holds), 1 pilates class as well as just general activity. Did I mention I`m currently renovating my kitchen… yea, that`s been fun ๐Ÿ˜›

And now, coming into my last few weeks with this wee one inside me, my routine has changed once more. I have finally dropped down to four days of lifting + general activity (dog walking/swimming etc).


While some may think this is still pretty insane, I assure you, my lifting intensity has decreased significantly. My focus has been more on straight sets, intense contraction and accessory work. Not to say I don’t work up a sweat, being pregnant my heart rate increases with the drop of  a pin!, but there are far more rests then I would normally take.

While at first this was a challenge for me, I have actually come to enjoy the slow paced, more contraction focused session. And the plus side is that I’ve seen some pretty great results (in my shoulders and glutes) from training this way! Yay!

Hanging Raise

Many ladies at this stage in their pregnancy have trouble staying active- and I don’t blame them. The extra weight you’re carrying, the position of the babe, the lack of energy and of course random pain makes it so workouts are the last thing you want to be doing.

But I disagree. While I too experience all of the fun symptoms above (yay pregnancy!) I find I am in a much better state when I workout. On my rest days, my body ceases and the pain becomes more intense. On workout days my body is less stiff and I seem to be  bit more mobile.

That being said, I have found that you need to adhere to the perfect time of day for you to workout. I workout between 7:30-9:30am. Anywhere after that and my body simply refuses to cooperate. By thee pm, fatigue has normally set in an the chance of me being extremely active decreases by the hour. This is something that I have had to come to terms with… I do not have the endless energy that I am used to.

But I move on. There is no doubt that training, or activity in general is difficult while pregnant. Sometimes you firmly believe that your body (or the wee one inside you) must hate you. For me personally, once I get warmed up with some mobility work by body begins to thank me and the rest of my workout feels pretty damn good.

Deep Squat

No one said it would be easy. I have toned down my activity levels immensely, but not being active simply is not an option for me. Mentally it keeps me sane and physically it keeps me mobile through all the fun woes of pregnancy.

Take small steps. Working out while pregnant doesn’t mean you need to hit PR’s each week. But if you can get through it, it does mean you’ll be more content and your body more prepared.

Happy Training ๐Ÿ™‚