Training Client Pride

Sometimes my clients amaze me- truly. Now, I know I have some kick butt clients but occasionally I am reminded just how spectacular they are.

And this week particularly was one of those weeks. So I thought I’d take some time and give a quick shout out to the three that stood out the most (though we all know you’re all amazing!!)

Meet Jessica

JessicaJessica has an awesome personality and even better fashion sense. In fact, she runs her own pin upblog (check it out here). But when we started together Jess had no training experience- literally. After working through some previous injuries and relearning basic movements (squat/push/pull) I am astounded at how far she has come.

Not only is she becoming a tank in her lifts but her recent introduction to circuit training has proven to me how much effort she puts into her workout programs. On top of that, she has made some serious changes and dedication to her food choices. She plans, preps and judging by the changes in her body composition stays pretty dedicated to her goals.

And while I am proud of all of that, I am most proud of her upper body. When Jess started her shoulders we severely rounded and pulling was almost out of the question. Looking at her yesterday, as she pounded out modified pull ups, I’m pretty sure her back muscles will be rivaling mine in the near future.

Truly, I could not be more proud of both her composition changes as well as her performance. Way to go Jess!

Enter Sam

samSam has been with me for a while and is no stranger to physical activity- however she was looking for a bit more strength and overall health improvements when we first began.

With Sam, I wish I would have videotaped her squats when we started, they were horrifying (and I know she won’t get mad at me saying this because she knows it’s true!!). And while her goals have never revolved around “getting jacked” or “pushing the limits” I am beyond happy with how far she has come.

For starters.. she can squat… amazingly! Actually she kicks serious butt in her workouts no matter what I give her. The progress she has made in understanding how to properly contract her muscles is astounding. She responds to cues, makes alterations and overall kicks ass.

But the biggest physical improvements would have to be her glute development (she has a nicer butt!) and the muscles in her arms. Since she now knows how to recruit the necessary muscles she has been able to see amazing alterations in both areas. And while I frequently mistake her for someone 10+ years younger there is no doubt that she could kick any twenty year olds butt in the gym. And that alone makes me prouder than anything ๐Ÿ˜€

Say Hi To Bronwyn

Bronwyn-PicNow, I’ve posted about Bronwyn before (check out her results here) but not from a training perspective. To keep it short, Bronwyn has been around the block with both training and diet programs. We began working together nutritionally but have since transitioned over to training.

The first thing to note is that Bronwyn is a powerhouse in the gym! Seriously, she can push herself like no other and it impresses me every time. When we began, her lower body dominated her strength. Since Bronwyn had some shoulder trouble I wanted to focus more on mobility and building strength through the upper back.

So why am I beyond proud of Bronwyn?

In January Bronwyn was unable to perform a modified chin up from the floor- she simply didn’t have the mobility or strength to bring her body up without pushing through her legs…. a few weeks ago Bronwyn pounded out her first BAND ASSISTED CHIN UP. Seriously, it was amazing. I actually videotaped it because I was so proud she got her chin above the bar. Her dedication and hard work paid off and I think I was smiling more than she was!


Each week I notice little things that show me how far my clients have come. Be it a better knee placement, understanding and adjusting to cues or the changes in their body. But this past week I took a moment to take it all in. These girls have made astounding changes in the last four months. I am beyond proud at how far they have come and even more excited for how much further they can go.

Keep kicking ass ladies ๐Ÿ™‚