Time For Pole

So I am getting married. In one month to be exact. July 13th seems to be creeping upon me ever so quickly.


What nobody really explains to you about planning a wedding, is that the last six weeks are insane. Your agenda is filled with a hundred appointments, confirmations, trials and parties. It’s a bit crazy really.

So between appointments, confirmations, organizing, clients, programming and preparing I keep wondering how I’ve had any time for pole?

That about sums it up!

That about sums it up!

I mean really, my days are so sporadically insane that I can’t begin to describe them. And after teaching for up to 6 hours a day you would think the last thing I wanted to do was jump back on the pole.

But I do.

Why? Because pole dancing and working out are the times I look forward to. That little place in my day where I can breathe, close the door and do something just for me. But where do I find the time?

This is probably the biggest question I get asked. And the answer is simple: I make time. Pole dancing is important to me. Without it, I’d go nuts. I would be no help to anyone. And truthfully, I deserve some “me time”.

So I schedule it. Genuinely. My workout time is an appointment. One that does not get moved- no matter who can only do that time. No matter what other appointment might spring up. That scheduled time slot is non-negotiable.


Once a week I pole with a couple of girls to work on tricks. Normally at the start of the week, one of us will shoot off a text to set up the day/time. On may 30th, I emailed the girl I pole with outlining a schedule of our next 6 practices. Literally. The exact date, time and location (since most are at her house I basically just told her that I would be showing up!)

She laughed her ass off at me.

But if I don’t book them in then I won’t get them done. Other things will come up and it will keep getting pushed back further and further.

Goals do not happen overnight. Achievements, success, all the hard stuff takes effort. It takes dedication and consistency. My goals are not an option. They are not something I “want” to do but are expectations that I “will” do. That’s the difference.

So stop putting yourself on the back burner. Spend some time just for you. Pen it in. You can work out, read, take a bath- whatever makes you feel good. But being “busy” isn’t an excuse to slack on what’s important to you. That 45-60min is a game changer. You’ll be more helpful to everyone around you once you learn to put yourself first.


Remember, you shouldn’t come last in your own life. Take a time out. Tell the world to bugger off. Do something you enjoy – not something you have to. And enjoy every damn minute of it.

Until Next Time ๐Ÿ™‚