The Ups & Downs

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been taking a break from blogging about pole as of late and truthfully, I’m finding it hard to come back.

I’m still teaching, dancing, learning new tricks and attempting to improve my transitions on a weekly basis.. but slowly, I’m feeling a change in the pole world.


I am super impressed and proud to have watched pole dancing grow and become more and more mainstream. I think it’s high time people started accepting pole for what it is: sexy, strong, challenging, releasing and beautiful.

But with this growth comes a change in the pole world. Our tightly knit community is no longer so small & intimate. With this growth comes recognition, opinions, beliefs and sometimes pettiness.

As of late, I’m finding myself split in the middle. I care not enough or way too much. I let other people’s struggles and triumphs determine my own relationship with pole.


You see, as an instructor there is a basic instinct to be amazing. To be better. To excel. But what determines better? I am constantly asked if/when I’ll compete. Why I don’t perform. If I can do insert name of move.

I pole dance because I love it for myself. I do tricks, I learn new ones, I try to improve transitions and sometimes I just dance. And I’m content with that. But social media is a powerful thing..

The ability to view thousands of successes in three minutes is daunting. Questioning myself, my skills, my dedication on a regular basis is not optimal. Sometimes, I need a reminder about why I dance. What drew me in originally. How did pole dancing make me feel back when I started.

Upside Down Happiness

Upside Down Happiness

With the growth of our community comes individual beliefs on moves, progressions, safety and more. I’ve always been a big believer in the principal of progression (it’s probably the trainer in me). I believe in learning safely and waiting until you’re able to strong enough before attempting certain moves.

With the rise of pole, many partakers want to be rockstars overnight. They want to do all the fun things (butterflies, shoulder mounts, handsprings) without learning the basics (climbing, bracket holds, spins). Watching this kills me. Literally it evokes such powerful responses in me I want to shout at everyone to STOP. I want everyone to understand progressions, mechanics and basic safety.

slow down

But the truth is, this isn’t my problem.

I am responsible for the students who walk through my door, not for those I view ones or twice online boasting about what they learned. It kills me to say it, but I’ve had t learn to let it go. Everyone is entitled it their own beliefs and their own pole experience. Preaching to those who can shoulder mount without being able to lift into a basic invert (or aerial invert) isn’t my place.



So while I’m still in love with poling and the joy it brings me, I think I need a bit more time until I jump back full swing into the new pole world. I’ll be back on my pole blogging soon.

Until then: Happy Learning ๐Ÿ™‚

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