The Shoulder- Cautious Measures

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Pole bruises, burns, raw skin, bumps, cuts and muscle soreness. These are all the things the average pole dancer has become accustomed to. After so much practicing sometimes we forget how painful it is to first learn how to sit on the pole. The bruises you notice on your inner thighs and the pinched skin can get quite tender to a new dancer. Not to say that these minor injuries can’t be painful, but what about serious injuries?


Many of you are aware that a couple years ago I tore part of my shoulder. My medial deltoid to be exact. This caused me not to be able to raise my arm for a few weeks and I was firmly instructed not to dance or lift weights. It sucked.

Thankfully my injury was not severe but minor and it still caused quite an inconvenience. Shoulder injuries are the number one injury for pole dancers worldwide. We are constantly placing our shoulders in unique planes of motion accompanied by a lot of stress. Often, our entire body weight is placed on this one joint.

Part of the reason the shoulder so easily injured is because it is not secure. Our rotator cuffs were designed to move in all directions making the shoulder one of the most mobile joints in the body. However this mobility coupled with extreme pressure makes it susceptible to injury.


So how do we protect our shoulders? By being conscience of what we do to them.

First and foremost, you need to strengthen your shoulders. This does not mean grabbing a pair of 5lb weights to do shoulder presses. I mean really strengthen the rotator cuff and the muscles surrounding it. For two great shoulder workouts click here. Don;t forget to do a bit of “pre-hab” during your workouts as well and include things like internal & external rotations in your warm ups.

Next, you need to ensure your shoulder is comfortable traveling through a full range of motion. Flexibility exercises for your shoulders will do you wonders. They will allow your shoulder to adapt to the plane of motion you may put it into. Click here to check out some great stretches you can do at home

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Lastly, you need to be aware of your shoulders when dancing. Ensure that you don’t drop a lot of weight onto your shoulders suddenly. Especially during spins like the reverse grab. Confirm that your shoulder is properly in place (depressed & retracted)before swinging all of your weight onto one arm and dropping the body down.

While many of us get used to the minor discomforts of pole dancing, we still need to be aware of the strain we place upon our body. Remember that there are some stresses your body will not adapt to so you need to make sure that you do everything in your power to prevent an injury.

Dance safely everyone 🙂