The Secret To Results

We all have goals. Be they fitness, nutritional, health, job or personal. The odds of achieving any goal depends greatly upon how badly you want it. But there is another secret too.

Before going any further, I’d like to set the bar of understanding between goals and dreams. Dreams are something you fantasize about. Something that would make your life “complete”. Goals, are something attainable. Something you set out to accomplish. The difference between the two is simple: a game plan.


We live in an instantaneous world. Want to shed ten pounds in two weeks? Eat only cucumbers! Want food now? Hit up McDonalds!

We have access everything within the blink of an eye. And we’ve come to believe that our goals should be no different.

But they are different.

If goals were simple, quick and easy, would we truly enjoy the reward?

In an instantaneous world, we seem to have lost the respect for hard work. We over look the fact that if you’re not willing to work for something, it must not be all that important. And when we do work hard for something, and the results are not immediate, we become frustrated.

earn it

I long ago stopped believing that goals were easy. And fitness or health goals are no exception. But there is a trick. One that will greatly help you with any possible goal. But you’ve got to want it, I mean really really want it.

First off, ask yourself if the goal is worth it. How will your life be better by accomplishing this goal? If the goal in question is in fact worth it, what would you do to achieve it? Anything? Good.

Nothing worth having in life is easy, so here comes your secret. The one trick guaranteed to help you progress towards the end result of your goal.

Are you ready?

The secret…is dedication & consistency.

Yup, that’s it. The two secret weapons to help you achieve any goal that is worth achieving. If you truly want it, learn to step outside of our instantaneous world and work for it.

It seems simple right? Wrong. It will be hard. You will have to sacrifice something at some point. But if the goal in question is that important, the sacrifice will be nothing in comparison to the reward and how it will improve your life.

success redo

So step back from the quick & easy. Outline your goal in specifics. Map out a game plan. And then, get to work. And keep working.

Dedication and consistency will move you forward in any goal- but only, if the goal in question is truly worth it.

Happy Planning ๐Ÿ™‚