The Running Goal… Sigh

A while ago I posted a blog about why I was changing my goals from aesthetic to performance (you can read it here). One of the goals I had decided upon before Christmas was to run a 5k.


So let’s be clear. I hate running. Like hate it. With a passion. Sometimes when on vacation, I think of nice it would be to go for a run. Then I do it… and then I remember that I hate it.

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And not to reiterate, but one thing I’ve realized is that as you get older (wait, am I calling myself old?! Fak) is that your priorities change. Not that I don’t still like looking good (umm hello, if you’ve read the blog you’d realize that I quite in fact do enjoy looking good). Simply that thee are more to goals than an appearance in the mirror.

So I set this 5k goal. I told myself “I’ll train for one in the spring”. You know, when it’s nice, warm (but not too hot) and obviously six months away.

But now spring is here. Fak.

And I am reminded of this damn goal.

Side note: have you ever watched the walking dead? I am obsessed with TWD (that’s The Walking Dead for short). Like obsessed. I love it. And in a zombie apocalypse I feel I would be adequately prepared.

But I can’t run.

Seriously have you ever noticed how much running is involved in survival shows?! Like a lot. A lot a lot.

Zombie running at its finest

Zombie running at its finest

And I hate running.

Thus the 5k goal was born.

But now that it is time to achieve said goal I am cursing myself. Perhaps I will start in May? Ugh.

Part of the reason I don’t want to jump into this goal is because it will interfere with my strength goals. But alas, a promise is a promise. Even to myself.

And so as I prepare to embark on this terrible goal (which I will be starting April… it had better not be cold) I thought I would share it with you all the reason, the beginning and of course some progress updates along the way 😉

Expect rants. Disgruntlements. And cursing. Lots of cursing.