The Perfect Student

Between Personal Training and Teaching Pole I’ve been around the block. Over the years, I’ve had quite a few clients. But it’s very rare you get “the perfect student”.

Of course you teach amazing students, those who are dedicated and excited and are passionate to learn. But how do you tell the difference between a good student and an ideal one?

I’m currently teaching a lady who is literally the perfect client. This lady never misses a session. The one time she was unable to make it, she emailed four days ahead of time and asked if we could move her session earlier- she’s reliable.

She shows up to class super excited and confident. Willing to try everything and putting a smile on as she does so! She pushes herself again and again. She gets the most she can out of our sessions together. By the time she leaves she is sweaty, breathless and fatigued – she’s energetic.


She thoroughly listens when I am demonstrating a new move. After I explain the move she repeats back the key points. She asks questions if she is unsure why the positioning is what it is. She tries, listens to the correction and tries again – she’s dedicated.

But lots of my students are this great… so why is she so different?


She goes above and beyond.

She comes to class having watched my online instructional videos more times than I have! She inquires about when she will learn moves she’s seen in my routines. She remembers key points from the videos so that when she is doing the move she already has an idea of how she should move her body.

She tries to look the part. Always showing up in proper pole gear – even trying to get actual pole shorts! She cares enough to want to practice outside of the sessions. If she’s given strength homework, she comes back and demonstrates how far she’s come… without me asking.

Ad most importantly, she doesn’t give up. She doesn’t look at a move and say “I can’t do that”- she tries. And when it doesn’t happen right away, she tries again… and possibly seven more times after that.


She is the perfect student.

In short- her enthusiasm and dedication make her sessions really fun for me. She is serious about learning how to pole properly and understands you need to take time to learn, not simply jump around.

All of my students are fun to teach, but passion will win out on the scale every time. Since so much “behind the scenes” work goes into videos, programs, connections etc it is always nice to know it is making good use.

Pole dancing isn’t about “maybe sorta” wanting to do something.. it’s about passion. About what you can really make out of it- and that’s different for everyone. So find your passion, bring it to your session and rock that pole ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Poling ๐Ÿ™‚