The Caffeine Debate

When it comes to drinking tea I find people either love it or hate it. Truthfully, I fell into the “hate it” category for a long time.

I’m hoping that prior to reading this particular blog you’ve already experienced or at least learned about the benefits of tea. Quality, loose leaf, green tea especially has some amazing metabolic perks to it amongst other highlights.

Unfortunately though, some people avoid tea, and thus lose out on their benefits, due to the belief that tea has a higher caffeine content than coffee itself.

And while the statement does have a bell of truth to it, it’s not exactly correct.

Let’s begin by taking a peek at the chart below:

Caffeine Content In Everyday Items
  • Caffeine tablet 100-220mg
  • Coffee brewed 80-150mg
  • Espresso 80-120mg
  • Dark chocolate 30mg
  • Milk chocolate 10mg
  • Red bull 80mg
  • Coca cola 35mg
  • Green tea brewed 30mg

As you can see, green tea is pretty low on the caffeine scale. Even if you take into consideration that some people may steep for more/less time I doubt you’d add on more than another 5mg to that total.

However  green tea is certainly not the only tea on the market. While green tea appears to have the most health benefits (or at least, has been studied and proved to have had the most benefits) there are still other types.


While each tea comes with its own host of benefits, they also definitely come with some caffeine.

Caffeine In Tea
  • Green tea 30mg
  • White tea 30mg
  • Oolong 50mg
  • Black tea 70mg

Does this mean you should avoid tea at all costs? Of course not. Quality tea can improve fat oxidization, metabolism, increase your antioxidant count and more. Drinking tea is definitely worth it.

Also, with the amount of liquid needed to remain hydrated, and avoiding sugar filled liquid treats… you’re running out of options.

Tea is flavorful and contains a multitude of benefits.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine stick to the lower concentrated types of teas (green, white, herbal) and ensure no black tea before bed.

Otherwise, enjoy! Just be sure to purchase quality, loose leaf tea so you get the benefits that come along with it as well.

Happy drinking ๐Ÿ™‚


Ps. Pick up a fruity tea and make it chilled.. it’s perfect for summer refreshment!