That Secrete Little Thing We Do

We all do it. Indulge in that tiny bit of self pity.  It doesn’t matter where we are; the store, the gym, a party and that little bit of self questioning slips into our minds.


I wish I had her arms,

I wish my legs looked like that.

Why can’t I squat heavier?

When was the last time I could wear a bikini?


Miniscule thoughts perhaps.. but detrimental none the less.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a confident person. Okay, I mmmaaaayyy be more on the cocky side 😛 Even during my unfit, smoker days I always took pride in my physique. And let’s be honest, my personality is pretty awesome also 😛


And yet I too have questioned nearly every aspect of my physique at some point or another for the mere reason that I saw someone not better, just different looking than myself.

Most recently a girlfriend of mine took off her sweater to reveal some guns of steel. That small little voice inside my head began its bombardment of endless questions…

Why don’t my arms look that nice? …. What in my program would have to change to make my arms look like this? …. What does she do differently?

Why all the questions?

Insecurity at its finest.

And then back to reality I came. My arms have always been a sticking point in my physique. I have fought long and hard with them and only recently have I began to appreciate them.

It took a few minutes but then I remembered that I am a badass and that voice can go to hell.

The thing is; we need to stop seeing only the good and eye turning aspects of others and remember that we have great traits ourselves.

more awesome

Goals are a wonderful thing. And wanting nicer arms is by all means a goal worth achieving. And in order to achieve said goals motivation is a handy tool. But that motivation doesn’t need to come from jealousy or self-depreciation.

Wanting to improve in almost any way is by far an outstanding goal. But aim to be better than yourself. To push yourself because you want to. To compare your current self with who you were years, months or even weeks ago.

Everyone’s body is different, both physically and how it responds to stimulus. Your own body will never be or perform identical to another. But that doesn’t mean it’s not amazing.

Take pride in yourself and your body no matter where you are in your journey. Afterall, everyone’s a badass in some way 😉