Strive For Progress

So here I am in sunny Florida and I thought I’d share a quick awesome thing that happened! A vacation was long overdue and it is absolutely amazing to relax, indulge and… workout outside! Haha

If you know me, you should know that vacation for me does not lack workouts! Not because I want to “stay on track” or “keep lean” but because I truly enjoy working out. It’s nice to feel my blood flowing, it improves me energy for the rest of the day and it means a change of scenery of working out in the sun (which is great).

The other reason I enjoy working out on vacation is because my workout routine gets a quick pause and I play with different equipment (mainly more bodyweight, bands and trx if I brought it).

File 2016-02-26, 8 55 37 AM

Workout equipment!

This mornings workout was a classic. I like it because it’s quick, has minimal equipment and includes a bit of everything. One I have done about fifteen times in the past and a simply, perfect vacation workout: 5-4-3-2-1

  • 5min cardio (for me skipping)
  • 4min walking lunges & mountain climbers
  • 3min push ups and band rows
  • 2min squats and band deadlifts
  • 1min plank

As I’ve said, I have done this workout very often in the past, mainly whenever I travel, and it’s always left me winded, tired, and half collapsed on whatever surface I chose to workout on.

But today… it was ok. The workout was challenging but I wasn’t nearly as breathless as I’ve been in the past. Actually, I wasn’t really breathless at all. Sweaty yes. Fatigued somewhat. But not breathless.

In other words, WAHOOO.

This is actually a big deal as I’ve obviously improved my respiratory abilities within the last year.

It also reminded me of a great lesson I wanted to share (obviously or I wouldn’t have written this quickie blog…): progress doesn’t have to be weight or aesthetic related. Pay attention to the other stuff. Things like being able to lift more, more reps, perform better etc. All of these things are still progress and you should be proud!

Sweaty and feeling great!

Sweaty and feeling great!

Sometimes our bodies may not respond how we want them too regarding weight. However, they are still improving with every thing you do. Every workout, every fuel choice. You just need to pay attention to the other stuff. The healthy stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, it feels great when you love your body. But being able to perform better, feel better during workouts and your day in general… that’s the healthy stuff.

So on that note, I am on to the rest of my day here in the sun. Remember, don’t always sweat the small stuff… but do make sure you celebrate it!

Happy progress making 🙂