Step Out of Your “Category”

There are lots of reasons that we dance, the three most common I stumble across are the following:


IMG_5003These polers love the challenge. The strength it takes to lift, hold and power through. They love tricks. They look at each session as a workout. A chance to see what their body is made of.


Love of Dance (flexibility, gracefulness)

IMG_5207These polers often have a dance background. They love telling a story during a routine. They dedicate lots of time to stretching and ensuring their routines are flawlessly graceful. They focus on tricks but also take time to learn and master transitions to create an effortless routine.


Confidence/ Sex Appeal

IMG_4955These polers love the raw, sexiness of pole. They love the costumes, the stilettos and the confidence that comes with it. No matter what age, shape or size, pole dancing makes you feel hawt. Tricks and transitions are nice, but so is good, old fashion grinds and hair flips.



It’s probably no surprise that I pole dance mainly because I love the strength of it. I am 100% a fitness junkie and I appreciate what pole dancing encompasses. But do we have to fall into just one category?


There have been many times where I have been on the cusp of all three. Trying new styles, creating routines and just feeling sexy in a pair of spanks.

Last week I did a photo shoot and it brought the sexy out (more so than normal). I’m not sure exactly why I was so empowered during this shoot but god I felt good (it could have been the tutu!)


It reminded me that people because it makes you feel on top of the world. Way back in the day when I started poling I felt amazing, gorgeous, confident and proud. I still feel those ways, but it’s simply not what I focus on.

The thing is, you can dance for whatever goddamn reason you please. Each practice might be different. Don’t pigeon hole yourself because you think you only fit a certain style, do what feels natural.

Dangerous Bird

Pole dancing should be fun, challenging, different and 100% confidence boosting. So put some spanks on and find your inner sexy ๐Ÿ™‚