Smashing Goals & Why It’s Not Always Important

So they other day I smashed a goal. A huge one. One all around I feel any mom would appreciate… I hit my pre-pregnancy weight.

Now, a quick note about this weight. When I got pregnant I was at my leanest. I normally hover around 126lbs and the month before I found out about my wee one I was sitting at 121lbs and holding onto a body fat of 16-17 without any diet modifications.

So when Zoey went for her 4 month check up I weighed in at 127 lbs. I was pretty happy with this truthfully. I was feeling pretty good about my post-preggo bod, my strength levels were normal and my clothes fit. I truthfully figured I’d stay around 126lbs. why push for the extra five when I was confident, happy and was able to indulge diet wise a bit?

File 2016-02-21, 7 41 47 PM

So imagine my surprise when last week we went for a weigh in and the scale read out a number 5lbs lower. Did I do anything different in the last two months (uh you mean with Christmas?! That’s a big fat no). Did I restrict/diet/cut back? Not really nope. And most importantly…

Did I leap for pure joy when I saw the number?

Not even a bit. Actually, it was rather anti-climatic and I was slightly disappointed.

The truth of the matter is, I expected to be a lot more excited about reaching my pre-pregnancy weight. Like A LOT more. Instead, I smirked a bit and went on with my day.


I know most moms are shrugging, eye rolling and curing my existence right now. But here’s the thing:

Does it really matter if I am 127 or 122? Not really.

Looking at pictures I thought I looked great before Christmas at my first weigh in (though if you’ve read previous blogs you will remember I am rather cocky…). Did I feel magically better about myself after seeing the number? Nope. I still felt I looked good.

So does it matter? Will I get more clients for being five pounds lighter? Will people notice? Should there be a parade (hrmmm…. :P). If I feel comfortable in my skin at both weights, I really and truly do not think it matters.

My body will sit wherever it’s most comfortable. For me, that’s somewhere between 122-126. I look good at either weight, I fit into my clothes and I feel good about myself.

But as a society it’s the number that matters, right? Probably, but I’m not one to care too much about what society thinks.

So here’s my point: ignore the number. Seek results based on confidence, skill, clothes and enjoyment. The rest will come. Placing too much focus on one aspect doesn’t tell a story. I could weigh in at 115 if I really wanted to but I’d hate it.

Instead, where I am I can workout hard (because I like it). Stay active throughout the week (because it’s fun) and eat consistently healthy food (because it fuels me) and indulge when I want. All without tracking ins and outs and numbers.

So while results are fun, so if life, spend more time on the thing that counts the most: the quality.
Ps. I promise more rant-style blogs will be on their way soon 😉