Shutting Down

People complain every day about how hard it is to start. Those looking at losing weight or increase exercise volume say it most frequently, after all, getting back on the wagon is hard.

wagon pic

But what about the others? The people who can’t get off the wagon if they tried? The people like me whose only hobbies are physical? How to do you simply shut down?

I’ve never been a big couch person. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies and Tv shows, but I always feel like I have to be doing something. Homework, programs, plans, knitting etc. I always have to be productive.

The same goes with exercise. If I have an unexpected 2 hours in front of me, I might as well workout- right? I mean, what else am I going to do?


Such was the case this past Monday. With two unexpected cancellations I had a few hours to kill and nothing to fill them with. The trainer in me said workout. I had already done a lifting session that morning. The thought of a cardio session or even going through a proper warm up was mentally taxing: my muscles were tired.

So I went into the studio with the intention to stretch, work on some shoulder rolls and relax. And I did relax.. by dancing


With all of my programming, sometimes I forget just how nice it feels to do whatever I want on the pole. Not practice a trick or combo I’m working on. Not complete my necessary conditioning but to simply roll around and do what feels good.

The lights were low, a candle was lit and my phone was turned off. I didn’t dance with anything in mind. No new tricks were tried, no struggles, no gasping and soreness, just dancing. And god it felt good.


For those of us who love being active, sometimes it’s hard. When you’re biggest hobby is physical activity, there comes a point in which your muscles no longer agree. Rest is necessary for improvement and pushing away from that can lead to over training.

So instead of “training” I simply did what my body told me.. not my mind. I didn’t change into workout clothes (though how often am I not in a sports bra?!), I just put on some leg warmers and went down.

Sometimes you need to shut down. To re-boot. To get a fresh perspective. And to do something just for you that’s not “required”.

Hip press

Dancing with the lights low without feeling winded was what that was. By the time I was done, ninety minutes had passed. I missed three phone calls, five messages and had seven new emails. And that was fine with me. Because for those ninety minutes, nothing mattered but myself.

So when you’re frustrated and angry and upset and whiney, let pole dancing work its magic. Let it be your release, your friend & your support.

Happy Dancing ๐Ÿ™‚