Sexy Pole Time

Grunting. Bruises. Bangs. Sweat. Determination. Sliding.

Sounds like a nice time spent rolling in the hay right? ๐Ÿ˜‰


But it’s not.

These are all words to describe an average pole session.

If you’re an avid poler, chances are you’ve watched someone’s eyes glaze over with a fantasy look when you tell them that you pole dance. Visions of dominatrix gear, girl on girl action and rubbing your crotch into the pole or floor at all times fill their mind.

But most classes are far from that.

As most of my students have experienced, pole dancing is hard. I mean really hard.


Most of your session is spent asking your body to do the impossible. Feeling your muscles burn as you beg them to pull only to watch as your body goes nowhere. Cursing at the pole is a frequent occurrence. Sliding down the pole as you try to claw your way to the top is also seen.

In my own personal practice I’m sure it’s even worse. I curse, sweat, fall, stumble and overall, look like a dumbass. Attempting to land new tricks often means your body is not seen at its most attractive angle. I end up with burnt hands, bruises in unmentionable places and occasionally red welts.

I love pole dancing. The final result is amazing. But the practices, learning new moves and how to transition from, them are often far from sexy.

devil hair

Everything we do in pole dancing has to be earned. Believe it or not, our sessions do not include pillow fights in our panties but something much, much more valuable. They contain effort, determination, strength and contortion. Most of all, they are built around pride. Pride at what your body can accomplish when you set your mind to something. Pride in the bruises, the burns, the trials and the fails. Pride in the progress, the journey. And most importantly, pride in the ability to do the impossible.


So let people have their fantasies. The ones where we shimmy, shake, laugh and remain flawless. True polers know what our sessions are all about, the burns, bruises, curses and success- and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Poling ๐Ÿ™‚