I am A Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who focuses on strength, advanced pole dancing and nutritional coaching.

What Is Distance Coaching?

Many online coaching programs use a cookie cutter approach simply because it's easier. But you're different, you're unique... so shouldn't your path to success be unique also?

My coaching philosophy is to work with clients on how to develop a fully customized plan with all necessary resources that work in the context of their lives.

This means that I oversee all my clients progress and ensure they remain committed to the behaviours that lead to long-term success.

Results are about finding what works for you. I like to work with my clients to help them achieve their goals.

Who Is A Candidate For Personal Coaching?

Personal coaching is a great service for highly motivated individuals with concrete goals. My clients come from all walks of life but all of them have one thing in common; a desire to succeed.

Given the inherent nature of web-based coaching, this service works best for individuals who possess a suitable level of motivation and are truly looking to make changes and remain consistent.

What Will Be Expected Of Me If I Become A Client?

Regardless of your package, fffective coaching requires regular interaction. Great results also require hard work. Therefore, if you aren’t someone who asks a lot of questions or who struggles to communicate problems/concerns, then a largely distance-based coaching package is not for you.

Depending on your package you will be asked to submit weekly program adherence updates, progress photos, measurements and nutritional updates.

Additionally, clients receive access to video-based workout programs, online programs (as required), and will (package dependent) need to submit videos so a fair degree of comfort with computers is recommended.

How Long Does Coaching Last?

Each coaching package is different so head up to the menu and scroll through to find the option best suited for you. Packages can last anywhere from one month to a year but much is dependent on your goals, progress and financial situation.

The average length for most coaching packages (excluding trick analysis) is four months. This isn’t to suggest that clients will achieve everything they set out to accomplish in four months. However, four months is the bare minimum time/effort commitment required to make a meaningful physique change and for the new behaviours to become permanent fixtures.

Do You Offer Single Consults?

Yes. A 30-minute clarity call consult costs $49. Perfect for those individuals who have specific questions they would like addressed. Prior to each call, you’ll be asked to submit a breakdown of your current exercise and diet routine, to best maximize our time on the call.

How Many Clients Do You Take And How Do I Sign Up?

Not many. Unfortunately, given the time consuming nature and private attention my clients require, I only ever accept a small number of private clients at any given time.

Client Application


If you would like to be considered for a coaching spot, please fill out the application form above. I will be in contact as quickly as possible to help you decide whether personal coaching is the right option for you and whether we’d be a good match.