Rocking the Pole with a Hurricane

*sigh* Another workshop come and gone…

Today was a day that has been booked for a couple months now.. so needless to say I’ve been looking forward to it. For those of you who didn’t know Cleo the Hurricane was touring and made a stop in Canada. Cleo is famous for her rock & roll pole style and bally tricks.



The workshop was held at Brass Belles in Brampton and it is one hell of a studio. While I am not a fan of 50mm brass poles this studio is gorgeous. It’s open, airy, light and simply absolutely stunning. Since it was a nice sunny day, with the light pouring in, I couldn’t wait to get started!


Having been to a few workshops now, I can fully admit that Cleo had one hell of a warm up. From a training perspective it hit all major muscles groups, had me sweating and focused a lot on mobility. Within minutes I was ready to go.

Waiting patiently for the workshop to start!

Waiting patiently for the workshop to start!

We started off “simple” with Jades. Cleo had mentioned that she had a trick to nailing a flatter Jade. Since I have been taught by two other dancers how to complete a better Jade and have yet to come close to flat, I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

But she did. I felt secure in the hold and was able to push my jade further. I wanted to hug her.


We then moved on to one of her signature moves called “Twisted Sister”. It was amazing. While there is a bit of contortion it’s a really fun move.

One thing I loved about the workshop and specifically the Twisted Move is that Cleo started with a basic version and took it further and further progressing in just the right spots. Since the move looks ridiculous I was so awed that I was able to complete it!

Transition in the move

Transition in the move

We then went into “Balls of Steel”. One of the major things I was worried about prior to Cleo’s workshop is how flexible she is. I was nervous that many of her moves would require flexibility that I didn’t have and I would leave feeling flustered and angry. But that was hardly the case.

Balls of Steel

Cleo taught in such a practical and systematic way that the moves were perfectly understood. She explained how to alter your positioning to get into the hold without being super bendy. She also ensured she spent time with each individual student for every single move. Ensuring you felt comfortable, were in the correct position and were able to get into it.

Not only did I find the workshop extremely well organized I was even more impressed when she made us spot each other! She was very firm on this point ensuring she taught “how to spot” each move before we were allowed to complete them. It was wonderful.

I was also awed at her organization. She chose moves that were challenging, unique but not so advanced that you leave discouraged because you’re unable to complete them. It was a really inspiring class.

Me & Cleo

Me & Cleo

Overall, I adored this workshop provided by this hard core rock and roll Aussie. Cleo is helpful, attentive, knowledgeable and extremely personable. I’d drive back to see her in a second.

Thanks Cleo ๐Ÿ™‚