Prioritizing Goals

As I enter the final stages of my pregnancy- alright, I still have nine weeks but I’ve always been a planner!- I started thinking about how I want to wean back into fitness.

Not that I haven’t continued working out throughout the last 30 weeks, simply that my workout style had to change. My training became more easy going and less specific.

Working Modified Versions of Major Exercises

Working Modified Versions of Major Exercises

And of course, in the last seven months I’ve been bombarded with inspiration, things I’d love to train for but obviously cannot prioritize at the moment. And so, as my due date approaches more and more I find myself debating which achievement should come first.


Because you can rarely train multiple goals simultaneously

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re newer to the workout world some goals will work together. Lifting weights will often cause you to lean out. As will increasing sheer workout volume (cardio or weights respectively).

But after the initial alterations occur, less and less can you train two goals at the same time.

For example: I cannot focus on dropping body fat and improve my deadlift PR simultaneously. Lowering my year round body composition would require a cut in calories resulting in me not being able to perform as well as possible.

At a more advanced level, the average goal takes roughly four months. Eventually, you need to prioritize which one you really want to aim for.


So that’s where I am- in constant debate about where to go directly after pregnancy. I guess I should clarify, the initial goal is to lose the baby weight and just bring my body back to my normal performance standards.

After that point, here are a few goals that I’d like to see within the next year (ish)

  • Hit 1.5x bodyweight in my squat and deadlift and 75% bodyweight for my bench
  • Get back to being able to perform 10 chin ups in a row
  • Nail my pole deadlift (in multiple grips) and ideally in aerial versions
  • Be capable of running 5k (Note: I hate running, but after watching so many survival shows feel the need to be able to run away if being chased!)
  • Improve my anaerobic endurance via athletic training (kickboxing etc)

Looking at the list, all of my goals require serious dedication (about 4 hours each week solely dedicated to said goal) and a hefty time frame (again, about four months per goal).

So how do I start outlining which one should come first? Here are a few questions to ask if you’re in the same boat:

  • Which goals correspond with what season?
    • I’m not so cocky I won’t admit that once the weather gets nice I want to be inside sweating out my workouts. Also, in order to run I must be outside, therefore winter is out for my 5k goal
  • When do you have the most time to allot towards your goal?
    • The sane part of my mind reminds me that I’ll have a little one constantly by my side and will no longer be able to spend more than one hour in the gym for the first 6-10 months
  • Which goal can be accomplished in the shortest amount of time?
    • For myself, either the chin ups or the lifting can probably be done in three workouts each week for 12-16 weeks. Whereas the pole and endurance workouts will take me longer (based on previous experience)
  • How will each goal affect my life?
    • I’ll be back to teaching pole sessions at this point- will I want to/be able to add in more pole work on top of them?
  • How will my training suffer based on my job?
    • Since I’ll be pumping I’ll need the extra calories, which goals correspond with more food?

In order to properly prioritize your goals, all of these things must be taken into account. The solution? I still have yet to decide as it’s not a quick, nor easy choice.

Regardless of what I chose, here’s the takeaway: If you’re serious about your goals, take the time to do them properly.

A lot of planning goes into achieving a big goal. And your body won’t care that you “had a Christmas party” to go to or “needed to take a vacation”. If you want it, work for it but don’t underestimate the amount of dedication it will take.

Happy Planning 🙂