"Doubt kills more dreams than failure"

What can I say about pole dancing other than I love it? Climbing, spinning, twirling, flipping. It's all a part of me. Pole dancing is fun, exciting and extremely challenging. No matter your goals, pole has something to offer. Grab a water, bring your shorts and get ready to laugh.



"What really drew me to train with Shelby versus in a group studio was the fact that the lessons were one on one so the focus was on what I was doing and the lessons contained conditioning exercises as well. What I really appreciated about Shelby’s teaching approach is that she focused on technique so I was sure to be performing the move properly and safely before we moved on to anything else. I also really valued the progression of the lessons. It was all based on my performance and comfort level, not on time or a session number. I have found since training with Shelby that my skill level has gone beyond what my own expectations were. Knowing now that I can perform dance moves, on a pole, in the air, upside down, holding on with one leg or one arm or even one armpit, has certainly boosted my confidence and has encouraged me to keep challenging myself daily." 


I'm Not Your Average Pole Instructor

I believe in the value of proper progressions, strength and safety. I am a Vertical Dance Certified Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Instructor as well as Certified & registered with the CPFA.

I teach pole dancing the way I train strength clients: based on progression. I believe you have to walk before you can run, or in the case of pole, you've got to twirl before you can flip. Each session is designed to your individual strengths and weaknesses, as are your progressions

"What I enjoy most about my sessions is the fact that they are a fun and motivational way to work out. Each session is designed around not just my strengths but also on areas I need to improve on. I also like that they include not only pole exercises but also warm up fitness routines and cool down routines. Shelby is very positive and great to work with, and also provides helpful feedback throughout each session" - Cindy

The Studio

If you’re interested in London, Ontario Pole Dancing contact me HERE. I take on a limited number of in person clients so that I am able to provide the best service possible. I will do my best to respond to you as quickly as I can.

Check out this page HERE for pricing and packages.

Not in the area? Check out my Online Beginner Pole Lessons and start becoming a badass on the pole!