Pole Sport

When people ask me what I do I reply: I am a Pole Instructor. I don’t say I teach pole dancing  or  pole fit or pole  sport. Why? Because everything seems to be defined by classification lately.

The new classification “pole sport” is in regards to the art of pole requesting to be requested as an Olympic sport. In order to be part of something as astounding as the Olympics, rules and regulations must be created- which I fully and 100% support. Otherwise, how do you make judgments without guidelines.

In order to be part of the Olympics, pole must be completely separated and Pole Sport created. This is where I am torn. I love the idea that pole is finally being recognized for what it is: an art, a strength and a challenge, but I don’t agree with having to completely disregard that it can also have dance qualities (any  dance qualities).


I also do not agree with having to rename all of our moves. It’s bad enough that different areas have different names for moves which makes learning confusing. But now we need to add a third. Memorizing things like “SF8” is completely reconfiguring pole. I understand the argument that “spatchcock” and “sneaky v” type names cannot be allowed, but renaming every single pole move is a bit much.

The reason I am torn is that while I want pole to be recognized and celebrated as a physical challenge, I also want people to understand everything else it can do. It can be flirty, sexy, contortion etc. I don’t think we should lose sight of all aspects of pole.

The sexy side

The sexy side

I also read a bit on the technicalities of what you can lose points for. Things like: removable wardrobe, glute (that’s your butt!) gyrations etc. Again, I understand the need to regulate, but do we need to remove all forms of dance? Watching people perform tricks without transitions is simply boring.

So while the rest of the world feels the need to classify themselves between a pole dancer, a pole athlete and anything else, I’ll stay a pole instructor. Because I do it all. I flip, twirl, hold and yes, occasionally I shake my ass 😉

Happy Poling 🙂