Pole Practice

Last night I went to a pole practice with some amazing guys and gals and was mesmerized by skill. One of the guys there could contort, distort and dance like nobody’s business. While all the ladies were warming up he was rocking handsprings, elbow holds, shoulder mounts and brass monkeys in a pair of baggy shorts and a hoodie. WTF.

As much as I resented his natural ability to transition in and out of advanced moves, I applaud him for the dedication it took to learn them.


Since I regularly practise with the same group, I’ve become accustomed to their styles. We’re tricksters more than dancers when we’re together. We show off, we help each other and we practice moves on our “nemesis” lists. Instead following our lead, this guy did the opposite. He was perfectly content to flip, drop and climb effortlessly around the pole while we were chatting. It was hard not to watch.


It reminded me that sometimes I forget what it feels like to be an outsider looking in.


Remember the first time you saw a decent pole dancer? How astonished, mesmerized and inspired you were? How each new move and transition seemed like the coolest thing? Well that was me last night.


It’s not that I am unfamiliar with the moves he was performing, it’s that seeing a brand new style was motivating. Everything he did looked effortless, elegant and planed – but it wasn’t.


Free style is fun, it’s goofy, entertaining and I find you learn way more about yourself when you have nothing planned. Watching everyone pole dance last night reminded me how much energy can be in a room of dancers. You learn from each other and you feed off each other too.

Everyone works together to help each other – In the picture I posted on Facebook of my Allegra, I wasn’t kidding when I called Diane my “foot fixer”. She literally shoved my foot into my hand so I could finish off the pose. And it’s reasons like that that make me love pole practice.


So if you get the chance, grab a bunch of dancers and practise together – just for fun. Learn from each others’ styles, help each other learn new moves and be inspired to be  a better dancer – I know last night I sure was.


Keep dancing 🙂