What was your favorite activity as a kid? Mine was handstands, cartwheels and climbing. God I loved climbing – actually, I still do!


When we were kids activity was fun. It didn’t matter what clothes you wore, if your hair was in a “perfect pony” or how sweaty you got. You did things for fun. Not because you had to, not because of the “health benefits” but because but because playing “bike tag” was cool.

When you were young, I bet your mom kicked you out of the house in the morning and did not expect you to return until you were hungry. Hell, if it was nice outside, you weren’t allowed to waste a day in the house! As kids, sitting on your butt all day outside is no fun. But climbing trees, racing bikes and playing kick the can were.

When did that stop? When did we become to cool to ride our bikes as fast as we can around the block? When did we get so unimaginative that we’re not sure what to do outside on a sunny day?


When did activity become a chore?

Have you ever looked around the cardio equipment in a gym and noticed how many people look pissed off? They would rather anywhere but on that treadmill. So why bother? “Working out” doesn’t have to be a task, why not do something you love?

Why not run like no one’s watching? Smile like you’re racing down a hill on your bike? Swing from the climbers in a park? Or dance?

Dancing is something that has never been a chore for me. Swinging, jumping and flipping upside down are never boring. Trying new moves, testing your holds and experimenting are all still exciting.

Pole dancing should be fun. Practice should be about “playing” with your friends, trying new things and laughing.


So stop doing things you hate. If you despise running, DON’T RUN. Forget about being “cool”, forget about what others will say about you and do something you love. Play hide and seek with your kids, challenge your friends to a race, or play on the climbers like you were ten years old.

Make movement fun. Smile, laugh, play & enjoy being active.