London Training Pricing & Packages

This basic package is just that- basic.  This packages is designed for continuing clients who have already completed some form of nutrition coaching. Included in this package:

  • 4 sessions/month
  • $180/month

Want to train more than once per week (recommended)? No problem, each additional session is $45. Not sure if you can afford it? Check out my monthly maintenance package instead.

This package is for those looking to start stepping it up. In addition to your training sessions, you’ll also receive some nutritional guidance. Included in this package:

  • 4 sessions
  • Nutritional handouts (recipes included) focusing on the four building blocks of nutrition
  • $200/month

Want to train more than once per week? Awesome! Each addition session is $45.

This package means you’re ready to step up your game! Between training and nutritional coaching you’ll be well on your way to results. Included in this package:

  • Four training sessions/month
  • Bi-monthly food journal analysis
  • Monthly nutrition meeting (30min) during which we will check out your progress, determine your struggles and get some more goals going.
  • $270/month

Want to train more than once per week? Awesome! Each additional session is $45.

Reaching your goals requires serious dedication- but private training multiple times per week can be expensive. This package is purchased in addition to private training sessions and helps keep you on track. Are you only able to train in person once per week? Per month? Not a problem! Simply purchase your training sessions, tack on your maintenance plan and you’re good to go. It includes:

  • Custom program design (keeping you moving forward when you’re not with me!)
  • Bi-monthly email support with accountability reports
  • Access to exercise library
  • Weekly nutrition tips sent right to your inbox
  • Monthly progress check (30min)
  • $70/month

London Pole Dancing Pricing & Packages

Private training is the fastest way to accelerate into the world of pole. The sessions are one hour in length and focus on new tricks, transitions & combos. Looking for something specific? No problem! Just let me know and I’ll program it in.

Single Session $40/hour

5 Pack $175

Pole dancing is always fun with a friend! While the sixty minute session focuses on tricks, transitions and combos, I promise there will also be a lot of laughter!

Single $35/person/hour

5 Pack $150/person

Just you, me, the pole… and some squats and presses added in! This private bootcamp is an awesome way to get fit and have fun. The session is split in half with thirty minutes spent on the pole learning new tricks, transitions and combos. The second half is traditional bootcamp; squats, sweat & burning muscles! What’s it all about- check it out here!

5 Week Bootcamp (1 session/week) $200