Out-Smarting Travel

So you’ve booked a trip. One that includes unlimited food… especially those lovely fresh made crepes, waffles and desserts. And more importantly for most: access to copious amounts of booze at all times of the day.

So where does the balance between indulgence and lifestyle choice come in?

I love a solid vacation as much as my clients do, but I do not believe (not even for a moment) that a simple trip is an excuse to drop everything. It is not a valid reason to binge eat all day, drink from 8am-1am and lay by a pool for seven days straight.

When I was planning for my trip to Cuba, I was really worried about finding balance. It’s my honeymoon, I’m allowed to eat crap, right? But I like my flat belly…

Below is a picture of me on my last day in Cuba. I took it out of sheer cockiness because I was so  proud that I was leaving – while a bit more full and round- still pretty lean.

Last day of Vcay

Planning for my honeymoon was simple. You are allowed to bring baked goods onto the plane in your carry on so the first thing I did was bake some protein bars and muffins. I also brought along a small blender and protein powder in my checked luggage.


Because I didn’t know what I’d have access too. This way, in a pinch I could always grab some fruit and have a shake.

Once we arrived, I learned pretty quickly how amazing the food was at our resort. There was a man to cook me fresh eggs every morning, fresh chicken and steak at lunch and tones of veggies- I was beyond happy.


The truth of the matter is, we really only ate three meals a day. Every one of my meals had more than enough protein (it was insane how much I had access too!!) and a boat load of veggies. I made sure to get in at least 6 cups a day – which I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do.

The trick was really just being aware of what I was putting on my plate.

The other thing I noticed and immediately fell in love with, was portion sizes. Size control in Cuba is amazing. Pasta dishes is literally 1 cup cooked pasta and a side of protein. Leaving you full but not stuffed and uncomfortable. Same with dessert. I had dessert every night with dinner. Desserts were about the size of two fingers. Plenty to fill my craving but considered “bite size” here in Canada.

Did I drink? Of course I drank 😛 but did I drink from 8am-1pm. No. I normally had a drink with lunch,  few through the afternoon and finished up with a drink at dinner or after.


Since I love mornings, I was normally in bed pretty early which was great for three reasons:

1. I didn’t stay up drinking

2. I didn’t eat really late (aside from one night, dinner was my last meal and I felt 100% full)

3. I was able to get up early and enjoy the beauty of the morning

The other thing I felt awesome about was my activity. I got in two lifting workouts, three run + mini circuit workouts, 3 days of kayaking and a bunch of pool laps. Was it torturous? No. I enjoyed every minute of it and felt no guilt about being uber lazy the rest of the day.


Now, you’re probably thinking “wow, what a shitty vacation since you do all that at home”. But it wasn’t. It was balanced. I drank. I ate dessert every day. I relaxed on the beach reading for multiple hours at a time. And I still came home fairly lean.

Being balanced is important to me, and I found I was able to have the best of both worlds on vacation. That being said, I have heard every excuse in the book for immense weight gain on vacation…

The truth is; you simply have to plan ahead and be conscious of your surroundings. No gym? Bring a skipping rope and rock some body weight circuits. Food issues? Bring your own and ensure that the portions of what you do eat is reasonable. Most importantly: don’t give up on yourself.


I waited all week for this crepe!

Don’t allow yourself to think it’s all or nothing. Vacation is a time to be more lenient on yourself and indulge. But there’s a different between indulgence and “life or death” bingeing. If it’s important to you, you’ll find away.

Happy Health 🙂