My personal philosophy is that pole dancing should be fun... but also safe. And that means making use of proper technique and progressions. After that, it's all about expression 🙂

Shelby Stover, CSCS & Certified Vertical Dance Pole Instructor

What It's All About

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Master tricks, learn to dance and get a great workout all at once

Terri Terri

...all lessons begin with a demonstration of the the trick so you can see what the dance move was supposed to look like. She then breaks the move down into steps, making it less overwhelming when I try it myself. What I really appreciated about Shelby’s teaching approach is that she is focused on technique... I also really value the progression of the lessons

Annemarie Annemarie

The delivery of the lessons are not only fun and challenging, but they cover a lot in one lesson, which always keeps you on your toes.

Why The Lessons Provide Results

Most videos you come across teach you how to do a particular trick. The problem with this is that the trick may be too advanced for your level, you may not have the necessary strength for it or, once you learn it, you may have no idea what to do with it. The problem, is that trick videos do not build off each other

It is my belief that every poler should start from the ground up.  By subscribing to the online pole sessions you are following progressive lessons. Each video builds upon the tricks in the last and incorporates them into combos to practice.

  • These videos are lessons- the exact ones I teach my clients
  • Each Lesson is 30-60min long
  • Each video includes a warm up, new tricks, combos, conditioning & a cool down
  • The lessons are progressive- the moves build off of one another
  • Each move is broken down so that you can learn it safely and focus on technique
  • Additional help is available if you need it (see bottom of page)

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I am so happy that I found Shelby’s online beginner pole lessons! Not only did the online lessons allow me to train at my own pace and on my own schedule, but they helped me so much to improve my technique and perfect my moves. Shelby walks you step-by-step through each move; she teaches exact hand and feet placements and points out the most common ways that the move is done wrong. I felt that I learned way more through her online lessons than I ever did in a group class. Thanks Shelby!

- Emily

How To Use The Lessons

Using the lessons is simple: just follow along!

The lessons are numbered and outline the moves they contain. There are fifty nine lessons in total. Complete them in their proper order to see the best results

Remember: You will not nail every trick on the first try. Some may come easier to you than others.. and that's okay! Take your time, move at your own pace and really focus on the technique of the trick. But most importantly... laugh! Pole dancing is meant to be fun 😉

The Moves

Improve Your Pole Skills

Shelby's online pole lessons are the next best thing to having her in person! Being able to watch the lessons when it was convenient for me was such a great bonus. She takes great care in making sure the lessons progress slowly so you are able to advance your ability in a safe manner. I also took advantage of watching the same lesson more than once until I felt comfortable enough to move onto the next lesson. In my opinion when it's not possible to have one on one instruction, these lessons are your best option; her instruction is always clear and concise with great explanation of how to perform the move safely while at the same time explaining and sometimes demonstrating incorrect form that could potentially be harmful. It was so great having that level of instruction in the comfort of my home while still having an fun and awesome time playing on the pole! Thanks Shelby!

Lindsay B

For half the cost of most private sessions you can develop the pole skills necessary to be a badass. At only $45/month you can take the thought out of your practices and simply follow. But the best part? You can move at your own pace! Take a day or a week to master a trick and then keep going. So get started, laugh, be silly & enjoy the experience

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Still Struggling?

Every pole dancer is different and thus not every move comes easily

Everyone has that move. The one that should come easily but doesn't. The one you try and try again but just can't nail down. It's frustrating- I know, I've been there.

So if you're currently going through the online lessons and come across one of these moves, let me help! For additional cost we can work together to help you towards that trick.

How It Works

You send me a video of you trying to perform the trick in question (from multiple angles). I will then review and analyze the video for anything that stands out that could be preventing you from achieving the trick.

From there I will either email you a written explanation of what I think is going wrong in your attempts, or if it's a bit more complicated I will provide a video explanation and demonstration of what needs to be fixed.

"Shelby has worked with me to accomplish moves that I never even thought I was capable of".

Jenna Jenna

For the cost of less than one private session I will help you land your trick. If you're currently subscribed to the online pole sessions the cost of the analysis is $35. If you're not currently subscribed head over here.

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