One Year Of Change

It’s officially been a year since my munchkin came into this world. Which is insane. And I can’t help but reflect (and get horribly emotional!) on everything I have done in this year.

So let’s get the obvious out of the way: I have gotten my baby to one year old. As a first time mom, this is huge. I survived breast milk, sleep deprivation, screaming and a thousand other day to day things. I am most proud of just that!

File 2016-08-06, 6 54 04 PM

I also cannot believe how much little monster is growing and developing. She is full of her own little personality. She is happy and chattery and learns something new to share with me each and every day. She stole my heart instantaneously when she was born.

But as I look back on this year of “survival” I am quite proud of everything else I have accomplished personally.

I jumped back into pole dancing with a vengeance and nailed some lifts I’ve been working on for years: a one arm pole handstand deadlift and a brass monkey deadlift.

one arm

I kicked ass in the gym every damn day and boosted my strength PRs insanely (check em out). Hitting goals left right and center (6 pull ups, 200lbs hip thrust, 190lb deadlift, 95lbs bench). These are all things I worked effing hard for.

For the first time in my life I set a running goal. I trained and accomplished a 5k (wtf). And while it personally wasn’t my favorite goal to achieve, I am damn proud that I smashed it. The truth is I still can’t quite believe I accomplished that one…

Pre-Race Jitters!

I finally achieved lifting (not kicking, swinging or stepping!!) into a handstand! This one is a biggie for me as I have been striving for it for about three years. It took a lot of time and patience but eventually my body and my mind synced up!

I got back to a feeling of comfort with my body. For any of you that have babes, the weeks after birth you feel (or I did) pretty not sexy, jacked or hot. But within the year I began to feel amazing about myself again- I am awed at what my body can accomplish, how it performs and yes how it looks. I also have never had more balance than I do right now.

File 2016-05-17, 3 06 40 PM

I am also proud of myself on other levels. I have learned to let *some* of the small stuff go. I have learned that routine is not always practical with a babe and that absolutely nothing is more important than watching Zo develop or learn something.

I have learned to enjoy more and be rigid less. This in turn has caused a lot less anxiety. And while I will never be the go with the flow type I am happy with the balance I have currently.

I have done all this in one year. It sounds like both a short time and a long time.


Why am I listing off my accomplishments? Well obviously it’s because I love bragging! But it’s also because I want you to see what you can do in a year. One year with true dedication can change your life: both physically and mentally.

So don’t give up on yourself. Remember that set backs are all part of life and the true path to achieving your goals is to just keep pushing forward. Many of these goals took years to accomplish and I am no less proud of that.

We all have different goals and different paths- be proud of what you can do currently and what you know you’ll be able to do “someday”.