One Trick To Help Alleviate Back Pain

Let’s face it, back pain is common. Everyday people complain about that minor ache. The constant tiredness of their low back. You see people everywhere leaning backwards in an attempt to “stretch” the low back. Surely, that will make it feel better.


Not likely.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do…

A lot of our back pain is caused by one small thing: bad posture.


We round forward while we eat, drive and sit. We reach forward with our necks and we slump through our hips. All of this causes an excessive tightness of our anterior muscles and a weakness on the back end: thus, the low back pain.

So what can you do? Are you destined to stand in military formation your entire life? Though that would probably help… I can’t imagine many people will take this route.

Instead there is something you can do. Something, not exactly simple, but very straight forward. This one trick will not only help you alleviate some back pain but it will also give your physique a bit of a boost:

Strengthen your glutes.

Yup. That’s it. Work on building a better butt and not only will your backside look a lot better but your back pain will reduce.


Glutes are often overlooked in full body training as most people assume that they are hit while performing squats, lunges and deadlifts. And while those exercises are awesome, they are not the best way to target and improve the glutes. Enter thrusting.

Thrusts are easily the best way to target and improve your glutes. However, in order to truly build them you must incorporate minor glute exercises: clams, abductions etc into the mix also.

As your glutes get stronger, you will notice your posture improving. Your hips tucking into their rightful place, helping to pull your body upright and reduce the tension placed on the low back.

And of course, you’ll have a nicer butt. And who doesn’t wish for that?!

Personally, I love glutes. Really, love them. And as someone who spent years chasing better glutes I want to help save you some time. That’s why I created a mini series just for people like you: “How To Build A Better Butt”.

You can check out the explanation video here.


Key Points Of The Mini Series
Three day e-course (one video sent to you each day)

An explanation of how the glutes function, why their important and how to build them

An exact outline of how to build a program to strengthen your glutes

A demonstration video of the most common glute exercises, how to perform them and how to put them into your program


So if you’re looking to alleviate some back pain and improve your behind, check out the mini series. Focus on improving your glutes and enjoy the benefits. One client had this specifically to say about the program:

“As some one who suffers from chronic low back pain I know how important it is to have strong gluteal muscles. Sexy Strengths program for better glutes made it easy for me to design a resistance program based around gluteal strength” – Bronwyn


Happy Thrusting!

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