One Style Does Not Fit All

This past weekend I danced for no other reason that I wanted to. I had already done a workout that morning so I didn’t need to. I wasn’t upset or angry, I just wanted to dance.

When this occurs, I find my dancing is much different than a normal “practice”. I don’t obsess over moves I should be working on. I don’t work until I can no longer lift my body; I just do what feels good.

This week, combos felt good. I have been trying more and more to experiment with combos as I feel I’m in a rut. We all have our favorite few combos that we stick with and personally, I have trouble incorporating new ones. Thus, it has been my goal lately to try.

This particular Sunday practice left me open minded and easy going. I flowed the way my body wanted to, slow and graceful in between tough climbs and holds. I found this new style really exciting, challenging but inspiring.

It’s not that I’ve always been a “booty popper”, that’s not exactly the case. I do find that style of dancing easy though. It’s powerful, hot and truthfully hard to screw up. But I want something different, something that takes me out of my comfort zone.

I’d meaning to experiment with this earlier but was never able to “get into it”. This Sunday was different though, it felt light, natural and opening. It also made me realize that one style is not for everyone. I tried things on Sunday that I have never seen look good before, and maybe they didn’t, but they felt good.

It doesn’t mean I will never “booty pop” again – because I will, but this new style is fun and exciting. It’s expressive and something completely new. Not every style is right for every person. Nor are you limited to one particular form of expression. Remember, you have to do things you hate in order to improve. It’s not that I necessarily hated this but it was definitely something I wouldn’t normally do… and I plan to keep going.

We’re all unique as people and as dancers, and why shouldn’t we be? Why should we force ourselves to mold into someone elses idea of beautiful? Instead, create your own. If you feel good doing it your dancing will be beautiful.

So next time you are inspired to dance, hold on to that inspiration. Wait and see where it takes you… because it might just lead you to a personal style that others wish they had.


Keep dancing 🙂