My New Playroom

A few years back, when my husband & I first started living together, I overtook his house. Literally, when I moved in, all the roommates moved out- it was only logical. About a year or so later we got talking about “what we could do to the house”. Obviously when asking this question there are a thousand ideas: a new deck, an extension, a garage. All justified and practical. Instead, I told Jackie “If I had my way, that man cave would be moved and there would be a full training studio downstairs”.

Three years later my dream came true.


There are few things as taxing on a relationship as planning a wedding and completing serious home renovations. I’m happy to say we managed to do both (and not kill each other) this year!

We didn’t start actively talking about renovations until after the wedding, the studio at that time was still a pipe dream. Then, one day the subject was brought up: what we wanted to do with the house. Of course, I still (stubborn as usual) campaigned for my training studio- only this time the battle wasn’t lost. Renovations began.


There was a lot to do before even getting to the studio: finishing basements, building walls, lighting etc. I suppose I didn’t help by adding more to the plate * coughcough* a bathroom reno.

I’d like to say that watching the house come together was a great experience- only it wasn’t. Renos are taxing in every way possible. I cannot be more thankful for my wonderful husband who came home from work and put in 4-5 hours each night working on the house. On top of that were 6-8 hour day weekends.

In order to reward our hard efforts, we decided that the bottle of grey goose sitting in the liquor cabinet could not be opened until the renos were done.

Grey Goose

The thing about home improvements, is there is always more. Once one thing is done, you realize it doesn’t fit will with another and end up on a thousand side projects.

We have been renovating since August second. Timing wise is great, it was done super quick for not having hired out any of it. But it was hard. Watching, waiting more waiting it’s hard.

I got my new  training equipment in September and all I wanted to do was play – so I did. In the middle of insane construction my workouts continued.

reno workouts

This past Sunday was the final day- and it was hard. Finishing touches take forever. Putting up mirrors, shelves, hooks, fireplaces and more all take time- and I’m not the most patient person.

But it came together. Exactly the way I pictured it.


There are no words to express how amazing it was to be able to sit in that studio. Something you’ve waited for and wanted so long and it’s better than you imagined.

And I finally got that Grey Goose 😛


Once again, I cannot express how thankful I am, how lucky I am to have a husband willing to work so hard for something I so desperately wanted. This studio is my paradise. It’s where I can train, pole, stretch, relax and improve. It’s perfect.

And it’s by far the best Christmas gift I could have asked for 🙂