My First Time

Yesterday my beautiful little daughter was twelve days old. She is beyond adorable. Seriously, see below.

Best outfit

Yesterday I poled for the first time.

It was less adorable.

Gearing up to jump back on the pole after being off so long was a big deal. I was, in equal amounts, excited to see what I could do and petrified of being able to do nothing.

While I did play around on the pole up until I was about 8.5 months pregnant, it was nothing strenuous. Just a few tricks here and there.


8.5 months pregnant

Yesterday would be my first full practice. Being the control freak I am, I set out a plan:


  • Run through the 10-12 main spins I teach frequently
  • Attempt a seated climb
  • Run through a few basic on the pole holds
  • Re-test my spider climbs (I used to do about 10 for a warm up)
  • Dance


In truth, it was the last point that scared me. I felt somewhat comfortable I could hold my body alright (even with the extra weight) but way less comfortable in my ability to string anything together.

More than anything, I felt like I needed to re-conquer my pole virginity.

And so I did.

At the end of the blog there’s a video with the snippets from my practice.

Was it a challenge? Most definitely. But it also felt damn good to be back.

Working on spins

Working on spins

As expected, endurance was my weakest point. Stringing together an actual routine or combo, I was only able to get a minute or two into the song. This was a hard hit, but it was expected. After not having tried to dance/freestyle/perform combos for over seven months I knew it was coming. The positive is that it gives me something to look forward to. It took me a long time to conquer the breathless feeling of dancing but I do love a challenge and working my way back up will be just that.

Those of us who prefer tricks often underestimate the aerobic endurance needed to perform combos. The breathless feeling was one I had come to forget and it’ll be one I have to fight to win back.

Stating the obvious, I also lost a bit of strength. My seated climbers were a bitch to say the least and I could only pound out five spider climbs before I was fatigued. However I was actually pretty proud of this as I expected a bit worse.

Working on some callouses

Working on some callouses

While I stuck to moves I was comfortable with yesterday, I did still push it a bit. I had come to take for granted how sore pole can make you (both from the moves and the muscles used) and woke up this morning laughing a little bit. For someone who previously danced or taught 5 days per week, having bruised feet and inner thighs is a bit comical. But I digress.

Lastly, pregnancy messes with your abdominals. Not only do the stretch to epic proportions they are rarely stimulated and tend to lose an extreme amount of strength. Yesterday I focused on not babying them but I did want to see where they were on a strength scale. Suffice to say, they need some work. Lifting and holding my legs was a bit of a challenge and I could feel them struggling. This, I believe, will take me the longest to get back.

An old favorite

An old favorite

So there you have it, my first time back on the pole. There’s a lot to work on. Seriously, there’s a lot. But overall I’m pretty content with how much I held onto. As I slowly slip back into my routine (as much as the wee one will let me anyways!) I know I’ll progress.

It’ll be a lot of work… but I’ve never been shy about putting in some effort 😉

Happy Poling 🙂