Motivation11I get asked (a lot) how I stay motivated. How is it that I rock out workouts- by myself- with no one pushing me. Why do I decline on the cinnabunn when I am already lean?

To be honest, motivation is hard. Staying motivated long enough to achieve something is not easy- but it can be done. So here are my top two ways that I stay on track,

Number One is simple: have a goal

Sounds practical right? Wrong. The only time I am 100% dedicated to achieving results is when I have a specific target to meet and a day to meet it. Just wanting to “lean out a bit” seems to get me nowhere. It is during that time that I convince myself that “I’m already lean enough and the piece of pizza won’t matter”. I achieve nothing.


Currently my goal is to drop to sixteen percent body fat by March 29th. Why? Because on March 29th I have a website photoshoot and on April 5th I am performing. This means that I will be in very little clothing in front of a lot of people. That’s pretty damn motivating. The last thing I want is to have a bunch of pictures taken of me with some belly bulge.

So I’m pretty dedicated, mainly, because there is an end date. I know that I only have to stay on my plan for another five and a half weeks. Mentally, I can do this.

The Second way I stay motivated is by progress: this simply means I take pictures.

Feb 19- Side

Early February

Not only do I track my progress regularly (each week) but I also take pictures on days I feel good. You know those days that you just feel sexy? Take a picture. Remember that moment, how you felt and how you looked. All the chocolate in the world isn’t worth giving up that feeling to me.

While I may not always want to take my progress shots (some look terrible!) I always love finding a picture that reminds me of a feeling. And this week, that came on Sunday morning.

I had a really good weekend of sticking to the plan- like most people, weekends are hard for clean eating and not random indulgences. Sunday morning I woke up early, had my breakfast & coffee, caught up on some work and made my way down to dance. After warming up & stripping down I realized how good I felt. My obliques were starting to take shape, my leanness was on it’s way. And god did I feel good!


Feeling Good

Stay motivated is hard for anyone. But results are possible. Find a way that makes you feel good about your goal. Inspire yourself- don’t compare to others, as no body responds the same way. Challenge yourself, improve yourself, and most importantly, feel damn good while doing it.

Happy Achieving ๐Ÿ™‚