Modern Day Hippie

If you’re like me, the word “hippie” involuntarily conjures up an image of a long flowing skirt, a lady who doesn’t shave her under arms, people touring in a van, flowers and incense. Right?? I can’t be the only one who has that association…

hippie car

And yet, there is so much more to the stereotype than this. In fact, there is a new type of hippie: The Modern Day Hippie.

How do I know this?

Because I am one.

This past week I had the privilege of visiting two brand new babes. Everyone who came along brought a gift (flowers/food/onesies) as is custom. My gift however was slightly off course. I brought homemade chocolate peppermint lip chap, handmade scented candles and handmade baby lotion in which I personally infused calendula flowers into the oil for six weeks previously (calendula flowers are super awesome for new babes skin!).

Clearly I did not follow suit!

Clearly I did not follow suit!

And after receiving the gifts, the conversation naturally drove to the fact that I am that person.

And while for a long time everyone thought of me as a health nut (and by all means I totally am!). My lifestyle has grown quite further than that.

A health nut loves exercise, good quality food, supplements as necessary and doing good things for their body. And that is totally me.

But when you show up with handmade, infused lotions and oodles of other “witchcraft type” remedies- it is very clear that you are that person:

And that person is a Modern Day Hippie.


And it is undeniably, totally true that I have gone from health nut to hippie. I will be the first to admit that my lifestyle is not for everyone and very different than most.

We all know I am a nutritional freak, I love exercise and being outside. Those are common knowledge. What you may not know is that I personally make the majority of household products myself (and Zoey) use.


For instance:

  • I make all my own lotions; body butters, baby lotions, lip chaps etc
  • I make my own toothpaste and laundry detergent
  • I cloth diaper my babe and hand make all her diaper wipes, rash cream
  • I make my own sunscreen
  • I create my own air freshener, bug spray, flat iron spray, beeswax candles, facial toner, vapor rub, muscle rub, shaving lotion, laundry static spray. Truthfully there is probably more but off the top of my head those are it
  • I make all out house cleaners (though every so often I will use a natural brand)
  • I make my own fire & ice tonic for cold season as well as my own elderberry cough syrup


And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

My vitamix and berkey water filter are two of my favorite possessions. Seriously, get a berkey. If I need to, I can put pool water in and it will filter it! It is perfect for being stranded without water (clearly this happens often?). Actually though, it makes my water taste amazing and if you’ve seen me you know that a liter of water does not ever leave my side.

A few other fun notes: I use a lot of essential oils. Be it for inhaling and soothing, sleepy time spray or healing bug bites, headaches, sore muscles and more. All of my nail polish is *mostly* non toxic (this is a tricky one, I do have one of the better brands I can but it will never be good for you!).

Food is a while other story/blog and especially what I feed Zoey. Those who know me know just how exactly particular I am.

Food freak

Food freak

And while not everything in my house is organic (or will it be), nor is everything good for me, I can no longer deny that I am very much different than the average person.

It took me years to get to this point. And if you would have told me ten years ago the things I’d be “into” now, I would have lit my cigarette and had a good laugh.

So the next time you think of the word “hippie”, try to remember that the modern day hippie may not be weaving flowers into her hair (flowers are great.. but what about the bugs in said flowers??), may not smell of patchouile (I hate this smell, what is wrong with oranges or vanilla??) and may not be rocking a flowy skirt at all times (my workout clothes are far more practical).

I do these things because I enjoy them and because it makes me feel great. But it’s not for everyone. And while I will continue to make my own products as much as possible I have no intentions of touring in a van and I promise I still like to shave my underarms 😉


Ps. Looking to give some of this a try? I suggest starting off with homemade body butters because they just feel so good! Here’s a great starting link.