Mind Matters

“You never know until you try”. This statement is true regardless of your goal.

They first time I squatted my body weight I did so because I was cockily joking around with some guys that I could squat heavier than them. I didn’t check what was on the bar (but I did know it wasn’t extreme- don’t worry, I’m a safety freak!) but stepped under it and proved I could squat what they could.


When I added it up afterwards, I realized it was just over my body weight- my goal at the time. A goal I wouldn’t have achieved because I simply didn’t think I could squat that much. I knew eventually I could.. but definitely not yet. Boy, was I wrong!

But the point I’m trying to make is that with any goal you have to have a firm belief that you can achieve it and eventually you have to actually try it. Or how will you know what you can do? You’ve got to have the power of your mind to back you up. Otherwise, subconsciously, you’ll never truly work hard enough towards your goal.

startEveryone has a starting point, everyone and while the thought of doing something (a move, a composition change, a heavy lift) may seem intimidating, it is possible to get there.

Will it take time? Yes

Will there be effort required? Yes

May you be starting extremely far from your end result? Of course

But you can still get to that point.

As trainers, we have a few pet peeves (alright, if you’re anything like myself you have lots of them :P) but one of the top on my list is the comment “yea right“.

You know the one. Said in a sarcastic, eye rolling, laughing way. The one in which the client truly believes that the thing in question will never actually happen.

And you’re right, it probably won’t. Simply because they don’t think it will.


Of course the client is always happy/surprised/shocked when months later after some progressive training we try the lift/move/exercise in question and they are able to perform much better than before. And while it does occur, it would have been a much smoother ride if they had a bit of positivity to help them out.

As corny as I sound, the power of positive thinking goes a long way. You’d be amazed what you can accomplish when you believe you can and actually try. It blows my mind sometimes how little we think of ourselves. How much we think that even with an effort we’ll never get to “that point”<– what the hell kind of attitude is that?!

Did we ever think that perhaps instead of whining about something or “dreaming” about a goal we should start towards that goal with a little bit of positivity? With a simple tiny amount of belief that we actually will accomplish it?


Before anything, the planning, the progression the trial the error, anything, believe in yourself a little bit. Even if it’s something that’s not on your immediate goals list. Don’t rule out the possibility that you can improve and accomplish it eventually. Instead, put it on “the list” and know that if you want to, really want to, you could.

By changing your mind your world can change too.

Happy achieving ๐Ÿ™‚