Making Use Of Nutrients Part Two

So we’re back again taking a look at all the ways vegetables can improve your life. Between the ability to disease proof yourself, energy and appearance improvements, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t make vegetables a priority.

Last month we touched on the ways in which vitamins aid in our daily lives, and really focused on deficiency.

Today, I’d like to look at another bunch of helpers: minerals.


Minerals, like vitamins, are essential to the body and often overlooked. While vitamins are enzyme helpers, minerals can act as enzymes themselves but also help build our body. They form the structure for our teeth, bones, cells and more.

Minerals, like vitamins, come from all sorts of foods (see the chart below). For the purpose of this series though, I’m going to focus on the vegetable side of things.

Some Common Functions Of Minerals Are:
  • Regulating muscle contraction
  • Aids in digestion and absorption
  • Enhances the effects of insulin
  • Assists in fat metabolism
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Aids with DNA and protein synthesis
  • Improves with wound healing
  • Helps growth and development
  • Supports cell structure

While the above list is important, you’re probably thinking “so what”? so let me re-phrase it a different way.

Below is a list (not extensive) of symptoms/problems caused by mineral deficiency. I’m sure you’ve experienced a few:

Mineral def

Any of those sound familiar? Chances are you taken a supplement, pill, or prescription for a couple of them. Now, not that western medicine is a bad thing- because it isn’t- but instead of being dependent on multiple prescriptions, why not try solving the problem first?

Below is a chart outlining where to find mineral containing foods.

Minerals in food

You’ll notice that the chart is not as extensive as the vitamin one. This is because, minerals come from not just vegetable sources but also; meat, seeds, nuts, beans and lentils.

So my advice?

Take the time to incorporate as many of the above listed veggies/foods as you can to give you an array of nutrients. Your body will thank you.

Happy Eating ๐Ÿ™‚