Loving my Bulky Arms

Lately there has been a particular theme among my new, one time only clientele: my bulky arms. If I have to listen to one more female press upon me that they “don’t want to lift weights or workout because they don’t want to be bulky” I think I might lose my shit. *insert deep, calming breath here.

It started about half a year ago when I had a client blatantly tell me she did not want to have bulky arms like mine. I took a breath, laughed it off and explained the ins and outs of hypertrophy and testosterone. This became a running joke amongst my strength clients.


A few months ago another client brought it to my attention that my arms were a bit bigger than she wanted hers to be.

And then just last week, a new client explained to me why she didn’t want to lift more than 5lb weights out of fear of getting bulky *insert glance at my arms*.

This is getting ridiculous! I understand that you do not want big arms or to look like women who competes in body building. But have some respect that your words may possibly offend someone else!

The funny part of this rant is that I used to be that girl. When I started working out I repeatedly told people that I was doing so for my health and not to “get too big” HA

In all truthfulness, my goal is still not to build. But what people are forgetting is that I spend about 18 hours a week doing pull ups. Sounds insane right? Think about it, I teach approximately 13-15 pole hours each week. For every two spins you do, I have to show you one. For every combo you do, I have to demo it and then break it down. Plus my own pole workouts, brings me to just under twenty hours a week. No wonder my damn arms are a bit bigger than yours!


Now, I’ll accept that maybe my arms are viewed as bulky by some. I personally don’t see them that way but it’s possible. I’ll even accept that you don’t want to look like me (I’m really not that vain). But you need to accept that people have different body types, diets, lifestyle factors and workout regimes and that maybe my body adapts differently than yours.

I am damn proud of my “bulky” arms. In fact, you’re right, I’m freaking JACKED.

Me Three Years Ago

Me Three Years Ago

My arms are responsible for repeatedly pulling my body up and around a pole, holding it there long enough for you to understand what I’m doing and them doing it again, and again and possibly one more time. My arms are powerful enough to endure a five minute routine involving mainly lifts and spins. And my arms are also capable of weekly punching a bag two times heavier than I am and making it move. My arms are damn strong.

It's not luck holding me up, it's all strength

It’s not luck holding me up, it’s all strength

Now don’t get me wrong, I also get a lot of compliments on my definition, strength and overall abilities- it’s quite a boost to my ego actually. So yes, my arms are bigger than yours, yes they can be seen as “bulky” or “jacked” or just plain strong. But they are also far more capable of lifting, pulling, pushing and enduring anything you could possibly think of.

I have worked very hard to improve my skills and transform my body to what it is. So next time you want to throw around the “bulky” word- please remember what they’re capable doing.

Happy Poling ๐Ÿ™‚