Live To Eat

So if you haven’t heard yet… I’ve opened up another full day of training! Wahoo! And with it came two new clients. And as it normally does we got chatting about food.


God I love food. Seriously. I am one of the live to eat people. My clients however, is not. In fact, he tends to really only eat once or twice a day. My. Mind. Is. Blown.

How can you not love eating?! Seriously, I was very distraught.

Now, to be perfectly honest, there’s nothing wrong with only eating twice per day… if you can get all of your necessary calories into only two meals and don’t feel like death afterwards. The more common issue though is that many people who only eat once or twice per day are actually under eating.

Yup I said it. People under eat.

And not always on purpose but just because they forget, don’t care or think it’s best for weight loss.

But here’s the thing. Food = Fuel.


You need to eat and you need to eat food that your body can breakdown and use to keep you functioning, manage weight and really, not die. So those of you with weight loss goals, restriction is not always the answer. Your body will refuse fat loss if you remain in a calorie deficit.

But back to the task at hand.

We got chatting about what to eat and how much of it. To give him an example I outline what I had to eat the day before.

And he was shocked.

To outsiders it appears that I eat a lot. And I do. But all of what I eat gets used to keep me going mentally, perform and maintain my weight. I have worked very hard to get my metabolism functioning at a higher caloric intake and I’d advise you to do the same.


Because it’s awesome.

Not only do I get to eat a ton of food. I can indulge and not cringe. I can snack and not think of “burning it off”. And I can enjoy every single thing I decide to eat. Basically, I can live.

To give you an example, here is what I had for food yesterday:


  • Breakfast: veggie omelet (eggs, egg whites, flaxseed, mushrooms, peppers, spinach) with avocado (Note: I alternate veggie omelets and almond meal pancakes pretty much all the time- who doesn’t love pancakes??)
  • Snack: green shake post workout (peach, berries, protein powder, coconut milk, almond milk, greens, hemp hearts)
  • Lunch: leftover chicken stir fry + a couple squares dark chocolate
  • Snack: almond meal zucchini muffin with some nuts and some cherries + peaches. I think I had a few roasted beet sliced too
  • Dinner: chicken curry on rice
  • Snack: yogurt protein pudding (Greek yogurt, almond butter, cacao, maple syrup, coconut, walnuts, chocolate chips)


And add whatever else I managed to shove in my face throughout the day. I work from home so truth be told there’s a lot of snacking. Mainly on nuts, seeds, little fruits, cherry tomatoes… actually everything. I rarely leave the ticked without something!

But the thing is, everyone assumes that because I am small/lean that I eat little. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. And please, please don’t let yourself fall into the trap that less food will give you more results.

Because it won’t.

I promise.

I adore food (did you see my roasted veggie obsession on instagram the other day??) and so should you!

So if you need tips on how to eat more, ask! I have tons. If you need recipes, subscribe to my newsletter (I post a new one every month) or let me know you need more and I can shoot them over. And need more help, give me a shout. I always love chatting about food.

Happy Eating!