Learning At Home… The Right Way

Way back when, heading out to your local pole studio for a fun, sexy workout wasn’t exactly an option. Pole studios simply didn’t exist. This resulted in many of us learning at home via trial and error.

And while in person instruction is always better for learning, many of us didn’t get ourselves into too risky of positions. This is because we only had the basics. Nailing a Superman or a Butterfly were probably as advanced as you would get. And those tricks took time.

A very old butterfly!

A very old butterfly!

Now-a-days, there is a new trick to be mastered every day and each one is trying to out-do the last. Many tricks are now focused on in-human strength, circus like contortion or intense technique.

And while pole studios are far more common many people still take the at home learning route. The struggle with learning at home is there’s no path outlined and people end up trying this, that and everything without any type of plan.

When you only try tricks online there’s no order to them. You learn off of a quick tutorial and that’s it. One is beginner the next advanced and in the end you jump all over the place without every really learning how to pole dance.

This is the biggest struggle I see from my previous-at-home-poling clients. They can do a Butterfly but not a Gemini. They can climb the pole but not have any idea where to go etc. And while this method of learning isn’t wrong I find it’s incomplete.

So obviously, being the control freak that I am I aimed to change it.

I planned, organized and filmed the first sixty sessions I would teach a new poler who walked into my studio.


The Lessons Include The Following:

They are thirty to sixty minutes in length

They include a warm up, new tricks, combos, conditioning & a cool down

There are over 90 pole moves included

If you want to check out the tricks included click here and scroll down.


But that’s not the best part. The best part is that the lessons are progressive. They build off of each other. A move you learned in your third lesson will be used in your combo for the fourth lesson so that you can practice the trick as well as transitioning in and out of it.


Instead of jumping trick to trick without really mastering any, these sessions guide you the whole way. They take you through absolute newbie up to an inverted intermediate, step by step, lesson by lesson.

These sessions are the exact lessons I teach to my in-person pole clients. And because I believe in safety, proper progression and truly understanding a trick (how to get in and out of it, where you’ll most likely go wrong etc) all of that is included with every single move I teach.

It took me a long time to learn to pole dance simply because I had no direction. Don’t let that be you. If you’re an online poler who truly wants to progress in pole dancing, then invest in learning the right way. Don’t bounce around the new trick of the day never really knowing what you’re doing. Take your time, learn at your own pace and own your pole practice.

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