I’ve Failed

For as long as I can remember, alright, only like two years, there have been two tricks that I have continuously attempted to nail. And I’ve failed. I am still nowhere near landing either of them.

Way back in the day, upon learning how to handspring, it took me forever. Literally, forever. I spent a good six months simply kicking my feet towards the ceiling and not getting any closer to achieving the eluded handspring.

TG Jacknife 2Eventually I sought out help, followed every possible suggestion an rocked it. But god was I frustrated. It pained me not to be able to get my handspring earlier.

For the two moves in reference above, the same strategy has been applied. I’ve tried. And tried. And tried. I have sought out help. I have read and implemented every suggestion. And still I have failed.

But after two solid years of trying…that’s okay.

The thing is, not every move is made for every body. We all have different strengths, weaknesses, imbalances & fears. It is unrealistic to attempt to succeed at every possible pole move seen.

It’s taken me two years to learn, but not being able to perform the “move of the moment” is okay.

The truth is, my life is not over because I cannot complete these moves. Do I think it would be awesome to finally hold them? Of course. Am I going to risk re-injuring myself so that I can get a picture of them? Not likely.

Another move I never thought I'd get

Another move I never thought I’d get

As pole dancers, especially those whose focus is tricks, it’s difficult to let go of a move you so desperately want. It’s even harder when you know you’re strong enough for the move but are missing the simple things. But I’ve come to the realization that the move simply isn’t worth it.

headacheBy the time the move in question has you frustrated, quick to anger, trying every silly (probably unsafe) suggestion it becomes unworthy of the headache.

So instead of beating myself up over these moves, my energies will be directed to other things. Moves that are comfortable, make me feel confident and most importantly keep me safe.

As it turns out, life goes on… with or without the moves ๐Ÿ˜›

Happy Tricks ๐Ÿ™‚