It’s All About “The Holidays”

This time of year we are bombarded with tips to survive the dreaded “Holiday’s”. Everyone, myself included, is giving their two cents on how to plow through parties, socials and soirees.

But what about the fun factor?

The Christmas season always brings about mixed emotions in me. I LOVE Christmas, I love all the festivities, the excitement leading up to it, the family gatherings. But I also get nervous about all the indulgences, the lack of workouts, the treats & drinks. But guilt is something I refuse to feel.









Naturally, I step up my workouts during Christmas, I give everything I have to them. I stay on track rigidly with my nutrition throughout the week. I do my best. But I also give in more than normal.

It is not healthy to use Christmas as an excuse for a month long binge. But for me, indulging a bit more than usual is alright. It doesn’t mean I don’t plan, because I do.

  • I bring snacks with me to all parties. I am quite accustomed to what will be served at each family function and therefore plan around what I intend to splurge on. Since appetizers are normally not something I desperately need, I bring along veggies and protein to keep me full. The reason I bring veggies as opposed to fruit, is because the chances of me getting my full 8 servings per day is unlikely. Most of my family dinners will be mainly starch based so I plan to get at least 6 servings of veggie sin before dinner.
  • I do not indulge the entire day. Since most of my “cheats” are starch based, I make sure that my morning (before the festivities) is not. Starting your day off with a bagel only to eat 4 more starch servings is not practical for your sugar levels or your digestive track. I stick to protein and veggies before a function.
  • I workout and stay active. I mean it. I have workouts scheduled both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. Christmas Eve is normally a very intense long workout because I have the time. Boxing Day is a bit shorter but no less intense. On Christmas day, while I may not schedule a workout, it would not be unheard of if I did some burpees, squats, push ups or chin ups between family gatherings. I refuse to sit on my butt for 15 hours of the day to “celebrate”.
  • I know which desserts I have to have and which I can pass on. Trying a “little bit of everything” leads to calorie overload. Having a bite of a couple things can be alright- if you can remember how many bites you’ve had! This is normally not the case. I suggest picking your favorite and savoring it.
  •  Lastly, I plan my drinks- to an extent. I try not to drink too much before dinner. If there is alcohol in your system, your body will store everything else it intakes until the alcohol is digested. Meaning, everything you eat will be stored as fat until your body has time to get to it. Since alcohol metabolizes at a rate of 1oz per 90min, drink wisely. I will have a few more drinks than normal, but too much of a good thing makes me sick. I also try to stick to lower calorie drinks, since I know I will have enough of those in my meals!

So yes, I go into Christmas with a plan – to stay on top. I do not feel as if I’m restricting myself or “missing out”. I just don’t feel the need to eat absolutely everything because it is in front of me. I workout more, because I have more time and because it makes me feel better to burn extra calories if I am going to be consuming them.

A Few of the Workouts I have Planned

So instead of “surviving” the Holidays enjoy them. Don’t use Christmas as an excuse to write off the entire month. Use it as a reason to indulge, enjoy and celebrate.

Happy Planning 🙂