Itching To Train

I love working out. Truly I do. I love working up a good sweat poling, or feeling like a badass lifting really heavy weights, trying new activities like rock climbing and kickboxing, or even the random fun I do like mini glute wokouts, handstand play and hiking.

The problem with loving any and all activity, loving..being addicted…same thing right? 😉 is that your body needs rest days. Really. Your body can not recover, recoup and perform optimally if you continually beat it up. And sometimes, just sometimes, less is more.

And on the days in which I shouldn’t be doing anything intensive or high impact, when my body needs to recoup and slow down… I find myself itching to train.

Few things feel as good as lifting heavy

Few things feel as good as lifting heavy

It’s a funny feeling actually. The rest of the world has to drag themselves into a workout and “suffer” through it. But those of us, the unique diehards who really love it, have trouble scaling back.

And while my body knows that I need this down time if I want to perform optimally, my mind doesn’t always agree.

Sometimes it’s a new trick that pops up in my FB feed that I really want to try. Or I’ve been thinking about my lifts all morning and want to see what I can do. Other times I’m bored and want to work up a sweat or my body is sore buy I really want to try some new handstands.

And the things it can do

But I can’t. Because less is more.

Sure, I opt for low impact stuff like walking, hiking or playing with kids. But sometimes it’s just not the same. Sometimes those rest days seem like the longest days in the world because all you want to do is smash some deadlifts.

And due to the lack of activity, you’re a bit more irritable, a bit less productive and feel a bit like you haven’t accomplished as much for the day.

And I know that the majority of people will think I’m crazy. I know that most people struggle to hit the gym three times a week. But for those of us who love what we do, rest is hard. Necessary but hard.

So today, I’ll ignore that itch and take my rest like a champ, knowing that tomorrow I’m going to smash the shit out of my deadlifts  😉

Happy Training!